How To Get Gold Stickers (Cards) in Monopoly GO

Trying to get more Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO players are heavily seeking out Monopoly Gold Stickers. Everyone wants to complete their new albums, which award players with various prizes. Gold Stickers (or Gold Cards) are incredibly difficult to find but have a much higher reward.

Here is how you can get Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO.

Gold Stickers: How to Get Them in Monopoly GO

Are you in the market to acquire as many Gold Stickers as possible in Monopoly GO? The rare cards cannot be traded like other stickers, so finding gold ones can be extremely difficult but far much more rewarding.

So, how exactly do you get Gold Stickers?

  • Sticker Packs

Gold Stickers are found in Sticker Packs. Now, this is a bit of a gamble, as you have zero idea whether or not a pack will grant you the Gold Card you wish for, but it is believed that higher-rarity packs have a much better chance at containing a Gold Sticker.

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List of Sticker Packs from low-rarity to high-rarity:

  1. Green Sticker Pack
  2. Blue Sticker Pack
  3. Purple Sticker Pack
  4. Premium Purple Sticker Pack

Those Premium Purple Sticker Packs will have a much higher chance of pulling a Gold Sticker, but that doesn’t mean finding one in a Green or Blue Sticker Pack is impossible.

So, how exactly does a player get ahold of a Sticker Pack in Monopoly GO?

How to Get Sticker Packs in Monopoly GO

Sticker Packs are not available for purchase, meaning you have to earn them. It is not too difficult of a process, but it can be pretty time-consuming.

How to get Sticker Packs in Monopoly GO:

  • Participating in Limited-Time events
  • Competing in various tournaments

Limited-time events are always being held in Monopoly GO. All you have to do is participate and complete the given milestones, and you will be given different Sticker Packs.

You can also compete in various Monopoly GO tournaments. These tournaments reward the top three players with Sticker Packs, increasing your chances of acquiring a Gold Sticker.

Golden Stickers are heavily sought after, so good luck on acquiring yours!

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