Monopoly GO: All Epic Myths Event Rewards Listed

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Monopoly GO Epic Myths event rewards listed
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I hope you have plenty of dice prepared because it’s time for another big event full of free dice, money, and stickers. Here’s the complete list of every Epic Myths event reward in Monopoly GO.

Updated November 24, 2023: Updated with a refreshed rewards list, information about the Thanksgiving partners event, and how to score points.

Monopoly GO Epic Myths Event Rewards and Task List

Monopoly GO’s Epic Myths event has 48 rewards and lasts over two days. The items you’ll find during this time include money, sticker packs, and power-ups to help you get points easier. However, unlike previous events, this one has a different end time, with its duration extending by an extra five hours.

Below is every Epic Myths event reward listed and the points required to unlock them:

Epic Myths LevelPoints NeededRewards
1580 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
310One-Star Sticker Pack
475125 dice rolls
515100 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
615One-Star Sticker Pack
720150 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
82510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
9150220 dice rolls
1025180 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
1130One-Star Sticker Pack
1335220 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
14420550 dice rolls
1545Two-Star Sticker Pack
165010 minutes of Cash Grab
1745250 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
198001,000 dice rolls
2050Three-Star Sticker Pack
2155280 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
238510 minutes of High Roller
241,2001,300 dice rolls
2575Two-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
2790320 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
28100100 dice rolls
30120120 dice rolls
31130350 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
33175Four-Star Sticker Pack
341,8001,850 dice rolls
35250400 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
36300Five minutes of Cash Boost
37450Four-Star Sticker Pack
38600500 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
394,0004,000 dice rolls
4070020 minutes of High Roller
41750Five-Star Sticker Pack
42800600 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
44900800 dice rolls
461,100Four-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
471,200800 oven mitts
(Thanksgiving partners event)
486,5006,500 dice rolls
Four-Star Sticker Pack
Gold Guaranteed
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Like many Monopoly GO events, managing your dice well can be the difference between getting one reward and obtaining dozens in a row. After all, if you’re just a few points away from getting a bunch of free dice, lowering your dice multiplier until you approach your next event space can help you.

Regardless, you’ll need plenty of dice and thousands of points within a few days, so be sure to get as many prizes as possible.

Alongside this, the Thanksgiving partners event is ongoing and will last until Epic Myths ends. Use this to get oven mitts to gain points toward your partner event rewards!

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Epic Myths Event

During the Monopoly GO Epic Myths event, you can obtain points by landing on scroll tokens around the board. These tokens randomly spawn around the board, and once you land on one, another will appear on a different spot, giving you numerous options for tiles to land on.

Each scroll token gives you two points, with dice multipliers increasing this value. In other words, if you roll 100 dice at once and land on a token, you’ll get 200 points instantly.

When Does the Epic Myths Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Epic Myths event ends on Sunday, November 26, 2023, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. Unlike most events, this one ends five hours later than usual. Outside this, you have two days to get as many rewards as possible before the next event starts. Once it ends, another will begin immediately after.

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