Best Games Similar to Monopoly GO

Because just one monopoly isn't enough!

There’s a chilling thrill that comes with defying odds, risking properties, and accumulating money that you can experience in games like Monopoly GO. However, you might’ve gotten stuck, or maybe your greed has exceeded what Mr.Monopoly can offer. Either way, here are some alternative games similar to Monopoly GO.

Board Kings 

Image via Board Kings

Its gameplay is very similar to Monopoly GO’s, which makes it one of the most popular options. In this game, you’ll also build a city at a pace dictated by the dice roll. You can visit your friend’s cities and attack them, but they can also steal from you, too. There are daily events that offer different rewards, like special power-ups and such. This game is available for Android, iOS, and PC. 

Meta World: My City 

Image via Meta World

A much more competitive version of the board game formula, if they gave you freedom of movement and weapons, this could perfectly be a fighting game. In this game, you play as a real estate agent who arrives on an island and has to start building properties and features on it. To do so, you need funds, and to get them, you have to engage in a monopoly-style duel against another player chosen randomly. It’s got a nice art style and tons of customization options, so this game’s definitely worth a shot. 

Also, this game’s maps are based on real-life places and cities, hence the name “Meta”.


Image via Crazy Poly

This one is a bit closer to the classic Monopoly experience. The gameplay isn’t continuous, but rather, it lets you pick a themed board, the number of players, and the game’s duration. Besides, it works mostly the same: you buy properties to build your monopoly. Even if you’re playing against the computer, you can still offer more money to buy its properties. And if you’re low on cash, robbing the bank is absolutely an option; I guess that’s the “crazy” part. 


Image via Europoly

As the name suggests, in this game, instead of buying properties, you’ll build your monopoly in the Old Continent by buying its most essential capitals, cities, and airports. Besides this characteristic, it’s your regular Monopoly game, plus some funky old-looking graphics. But hey, don’t judge a book by its cover; you and three other friends could have some serious fun with this board game.


Dice Dreams

Image via Dice Dreams

In this variation, you’ll help Bob and his friends, some big-eyed cute creatures, rebuild their kingdom. To do so, you’ll need to gather coins and unique cards that let you attack and steal from other players. This game stands out a little bit from the others because it offers a little bit more of a storyline, so give it a go. 

Monopoly Solitaire 

Image via Monopoly Solitare

If you’d rather stay within the Monopoly brand, then Solitaire is a great option for a change of pace. Technically, you’re still playing a classic Monopoly game, going through the squares and buying the properties, but instead of rolling dice, you play solitaire to advance. If you successfully clear your deal of cards, you earn a lot of money, but if you get stuck, you can always request a new deal. It’s quite an interesting turn for the basic monopoly experience. 

Whether by yourself or with friends, you should definitely give any of these games a try. 

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