Monopoly GO: Golden Blitz Event Explained

Grab some golden stickers for your collection!

Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event
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Do you have a growing collection of duplicate gold stickers and want to get the last one for your latest set? For a while, the solution to this was to open more card packs and hope you get lucky; however, there’s a new option in town. Let’s talk about Monopoly GO’s Golden Blitz event.

What is the Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly GO?

Golden Blitz is a limited-time Monopoly GO event allowing you to exchange gold stickers. It is the only way to trade gold stickers, making it the second method to obtain these rare cards. By giving away one of your duplicate cards, you can get ones you may not already own, allowing you to progress through your collections without opening additional card packs.

How to Trade Gold Stickers Through Monopoly GO Golden Blitz

While the Golden Blitz event is running, you can interact with the event icon to open its menu, showing you two stickers you can exchange. If you own duplicates of the two cards shown on the screen, you can trade them for other gold stickers. If you’re lucky, you’ll get ones you do not yet own.

However, you can only trade the ones that show on the event screen. If you do not own either card, you’ll have to wait until the next Golden Blitz or open card packs until you obtain one. Much of the event is lucked-based

Why Can’t I See the Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Event?

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to see Monopoly GO’s Golden Blitz event while in-game:

  • Your Monopoly GO app is outdated
  • The event has ended
  • Golden Blitz is unavailable in your region

Since Golden Blitz only goes for 12 hours at a time, it’s easy to miss it if you do not play for a few days. However, if you hear that the event is ongoing and do not see it, you may have to find Monopoly GO in the Play Store or App Store and manually download an update before relaunching the game.

When Golden Blitz was initially released to the public, it was only available in select regions before launching globally. Although it is now accessible in most locations, future updates and playtesting can impact this, causing it to become unavailable in some regions. In such cases, you may have to wait until it re-releases globally.

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS. If you’re looking for some extra dice rolls, check out how to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO, or click the game tag below to browse our growing article list!

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