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How to Fix Audio Stuttering Issue in Hi-Fi Rush

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by Matt Vatankhah

In a game like Hi-Fi Rush, where most gameplay revolves around the ever-present beat of the music, having working audio is arguably one of the most important aspects. So when players start experiencing audio stuttering while playing, it’s no wonder why they’d want it fixed immediately. Luckily, we’ve got some solutions you can try to jump right back into the funky grooves. Here’s how to fix Audio Stuttering issues in Hi-Fi Rush.

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How to Fix Audio Stuttering Issue in Hi-Fi Rush

Most Xbox players shouldn’t experience any issues with audio stuttering, though, PC players may run into problems depending on their audio output sources and how they’re configured. If your audio is skipping a beat or two in Hi-Fi Rush, try some of the methods below for a possible fix.

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Use a Direct Audio Source

It’s possible to use headphones that go through a few middlemen before reaching your PC, such as connecting a pair of headphones to your wireless Xbox controller, which is then connected to your PC via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this can cause audio issues in some games. For a possible remedy, try connecting your headphones directly to your PC instead of through your Xbox controller.

If you’re using headphones that connect via Bluetooth or USB, make sure they’re connected directly to the PC, and ensure that the correct audio output devices are selected in your sound settings.

Unplug Unused Audio Sources

Specifically, USB webcams. Most webcams are listed under your audio sources, as they usually have built-in microphones. For some reason, having these connected can cause issues with Hi-Fi Rush’s audio. Some players have found relief after unplugging their USB webcams.

Update Your Audio Drivers

Fresh drivers are always good to have, and your video drivers aren’t the only ones who need some love. Try updating your audio drivers through the following steps:

  • In your Windows search bar, type Device Manager and select it
  • Expand the Audio inputs and outputs list
  • Find your soundcard in the list, right-click it, and select Update driver
  • Confirm the following prompts

Windows will try automatically searching the web for newer drivers. However, you may have to go to the manufacturer’s website and manually download driver software if that doesn’t work.

If you’re using a gaming headset, you may try downloading the related software for that as well. Not only do they sometimes contain drivers for your headset, but you’ll usually be afforded some additional tweaks and settings to improve your audio experience.

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