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How to Fix UE4 Fatal Error in Hi-Fi Rush

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by Matt Vatankhah

Hi-Fi Rush slammed onto the scene with a surprise release by Tango Gameworks on January 25, and it’s already showing potential as one of the most exciting and original games of the year. Though it’s impressively polished from the get-go, no game is safe from an odd bug or error code here and there, especially when it comes to PC. Some players are experiencing a game-crashing bug that displays ‘UE4 Fatal Error’ after launching, and are unable to progress past the main menu screen. Not cool, dude! Here’s how to fix the UE4 Fatal Error code in Hi-Fi Rush.

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How to Fix UE4 Fatal Error in Hi-Fi Rush

The UE4 Fatal Error code is not unique to Hi-Fi Rush, and plenty of other games can present the same issue. Sort of good news, really, as it means that the problem is likely not related to Hi-Fi Rush, but rather something you may just need to update on your PC. We’ll go over some methods you can try to resolve the UE4 Fatal Error code below.

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Make Sure Windows is Updated

Keeping Windows updated is always a good idea, as you’ll have the latest versions of .NET Frameworks and Microsoft Visual C++ installed on your system, both of which are needed for plenty of applications to run correctly. Use the Windows Update feature to ensure you’ve installed all your critical updates. If this doesn’t install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, you can manually download and it install it here.

Verify Integrity of Game Files (Steam)

Steam users can run a scan of their games to check for any missing and/or corrupt game files.

  • From your Steam Library, right-click on Hi-Fi Rush and click Properties
  • Click the Local Files tab on the left
  • Click Verify integrity of game files and let the process complete

If any files are acting funky, Steam will automatically download and replace them for you.

Update your Graphics Drivers

Obviously, you’ve gotta keep those GPU drivers nice and fresh. Depending on your manufacturer’s card, head over to your GeForce Experience or AMD Adrenalin software to download the latest update. If you’re not using either software, you can download the latest drivers manually from their respective websites.

Disable Third-Party Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes your third-party anti-virus software can mistakenly consider game files as a threat, causing conflicts when executables and data packages are launched. If you’re using a third-party software, try disabling it for the time being and checking if that helps with launching Hi-Fi Rush.

Disable In-Game Overlays

There are plenty of programs out there that love shoving their overlays over your games these days, like Discord, GeForce Experience, and Steam. Sometimes, these can cause issues with games and are often not necessary to use in the first place. Try disabling these overlays through the settings menus of each of these programs.

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