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How to Find Weeping Tammy in Redfall

A fishing vampire for a lighthouse. It's fitting.

by Daphne Fama

Underbosses are generally pretty easy to find. Half the time they’re a stone’s throw away from the safehouse you picked up the mission from. But the menace of Heritage Rock is a little different. Here’s how to find Weeping Tammy in Redfall.

How to Find Weeping Tammy in Redfall

If you’ve grabbed the underboss mission for Heritage Rock, you know you’ll need to prepare yourself for a tough fight ahead. And I genuinely believe that Weeping Tammy might be one of the most difficult ones you’ll go toe-to-toe with, in part because of where she’s located.

But getting to her can be a bit tricky. Here’s where you need to go.

From Heritage Rock Safehouse, go South towards the lighthouse. If you haven’t visited the lighthouse yet, that’s okay. Just follow the road south, and it will eventually split into a trail that goes up the nearby mountain. Follow it over the bridge, and you’ll soon find yourself outside of the lighthouse museum.

You’ll likely see that the yellow marker for Weeping Tammy is nearby, and you might be tempted to go into the museum or the lighthouse. That would make sense, considering every other underboss has holed themselves up in the nearest building.

But that’s not the case here. Weeping Tammy is on the cliff side, and she can be very easy to miss, especially if it’s a foggy day.

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Once you’re in front of the lighthouse museum, turn right and head towards the nearby cliff. Peer down. You should be able to see some red mist, which are spilling from three Death Spewers. You won’t be able to see Tammy from this position because she’s an invisible. That’s right, she’s an Angler vampire, capable of turning herself invisible. She’s also capable of hooking you and dragging you into an almost fatal embrace if you’re not careful.

Work your way down the rock wall to approach her but be mindful. She’s not alone. She also has an entire vampire entourage.

If you’re not sure how to destroy Death Mist Spewers, check out our guide here. It’ll be helpful in keeping the arena clear. How to Get Rid of Red Death Mists in Redfall.

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