How to Find the Yellow Shipwreck in Dave the Diver

Save Leahs-Chan!

Early on in Dave the Diver, you will be tasked with rescuing Duff’s damsel in distress: Leahs-Chan. However she was lost when a delivery ship sank. If you want to progress to deeper waters, you’ll need to go to the Yellow Shipwreck and rescue Leahs-Chan!

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Where to Find the Yellow Shipwreck in Dave the Diver

You will have to make your journey to the Yellow Shipwreck twice in order to rescue Leahs-Chan, so it is best to make the first trip in the morning, that way you can knock out both parts in one in-game day.

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First make your way to the Limestone Cave, roughly 70m down in the center of the map. If you cannot reach this depth due to pressure, make sure you spend some cash in the iDiver app to upgrade your suit. Extra oxygen won’t hurt either. You can pick up a consumable oxygen tank from Cobra before making your dive if needed.

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When in the Limestone Cave you will be looking for an area with strong currents. Follow these and look around at roughly 100m of depth. Within the network of fast-flowing water, you should be able to spot the Yellow Shipwreck and Leahs-Chan’s box.

However, the first time you make your way down to the Shipwreck you won’t be able to get Leahs-Chan. Instead, you will need to return to the surface and make a second dive. On the second trip, you can interact with the Shipwreck and complete a minigame to cut your way inside.

Be aware that a powerful foe awaits beyond this point. While it isn’t a tough fight, upgrades to your oxygen tank are recommended.

If you are having trouble locating the Limestone Cave you can use our guide, which will point you in the right direction.

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