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How to Find the Stage 7 Key in Dead Island 2

Someone make these terrible parodies a real thing

by Daphne Fama

Michael’s got a plan, and he is willing to die for it, it seems. We have chased him all the way from Emma Jaunt’s house to the Hills and now to Monarch Studio. It is likely that you have hit a dead end, literally. Here is how to find the Stage Seven Key in Dead Island 2.

How to Find the Stage 7 Key in Dead Island 2

The next step in our track down Michael Anders’ quest leads us to Monarch Studios, a studio that makes tons of references to some classic TV shows and movies, including Friends (now without benefits), Indiana Jones, and the Marvel Universe.

To get inside Stage 7, where Michael should be, we are going to need the Stage 7 key. Fortunately, we do not have to go far to track it down.

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There is a smattering of actor trailers in the lot surrounding the stage, which mostly have crafting supplies and, occasionally, stacks of cash. However, there is one trailer in particular that has the key we need: the one belonging to Alesis Hernandez.

This is also the trailer that happens to be closest to the door that we need to go through (the one with the sound stage Walker banging on it).

Once you are inside her Trailer, you will find the Stage 7 Key beside his sink. Which is, for some reason, splattered in black ink? And a massive green vomit stain on the mirror. Hmmmmm. Take it, then be sure to investigate the corrupted sludge outside of her trailer. I am sure that’s not ominous foreshadowing at all.

Now, let us go find that pesky and elusive personal assistant with a broken heart.

If you want to make sure you are fully geared up for the next stage of the main story, be sure to do this quest (which ends in a pretty neat weapon): How to Complete “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Dead Island 2.

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