How to Find the Society of Brilliance in Baldur’s Gate 3

Reap what you sow, for the better or worse

The Society of Brilliance is one of many organizations in Faerun that can offer a few rewards (or bloody consequences), depending on your actions. Here’s how to find the Society of Brilliance in Baldur’s Gate.

How to Find the Society of Brilliance in Baldur’s Gate 3

As early as Act 1, you’ll encounter the first member of the Society of Brilliance. Lady Esther is a fighter in the employ of the Society Brillance who asks you to steal a Githyanki Egg so that the Society can raise it in a different, less hostile environment. This decision will impact the Society of Brilliance greatly.

The second and third members of the Society of Brilliance are Blurg and Omeluum, whom you can meet in the Underdark.

And you can finally visit their home in Lower City. The Society of Brilliance is housed in a building called “The Lodge,” which is located directly south of the Baldur’s Gate Waypoint. It’s also just to the left of Blushing Mermaid, making it a great second stop if you’re trying to find Vanra.

The Society of Brilliance can offer different experiences, depending on your actions.

If You Gave the Githyanki Egg to Lady Esther in Act 1

If you opted to give the Githyanki Egg to Esther, the Society of Brilliance would be a bloody mess. Everyone will be dead as a result of this experiment. You can use Speak to the Dead on Havkelaag the Drueger Dwarf to learn more about their methods and demise.

There will also be a portal on the second floor. Use it to encounter Ptaris, who is now grown. His torture education has led him to become a fanatic who follows a strict moral code, and you’ll need to pass a high Deception or Persuasion Check (requiring a throw of 25 or higher). Failing this code will force you to fight him, and he’s quite strong at level 12.

No matter how you resolve the situation, you’ll net some significant experience, and you’ll be able to loot Lady Esther’s corpse. However, you won’t get the mission Retrieve Omeluum, and you won’t get the rewards from it, either.

If you didn’t give the egg to Lady Esther, you can opt to sell it to Havkelaag for 1,000 Gold. You can probe Havkelaag for more about his education methodology to learn that he’s a very, very bad person and attack him if you so choose. But I don’t recommend it as it will turn everyone in the Society of Brilliance hostile.

Refusing to sell it will give you disapproval or approval, depending on who’s with you. Wyll approves, and Minthara and Astarion disapprove.

Receive Rewards from Omeluum

The only true rewards from the Society of Brilliance happen if you save Omeluum during the Retrieve Omeluum side quest in the Iron Throne. This can be quite difficult, and the rewards aren’t great. But Omeluum is pretty cool, as far as Mindflayers go.

It’s possible you’ll need to speak to Omeluum and Blurg in the Underdark in the Myconoid Colony to trigger the quest as well. But this is unconfirmed.

Find the Society of Brilliance Hidden Treasure

The Society of Brilliance has hidden its treasure particularly well. In this case, by using a teleporter disguised as a painting.

Head into the dormitories on the second floor, then go up the ladder. You’ll be in a small room. Interact with the painting called ‘Magical Journey’ to enter the safe room. There’s nothing in the vault, but there are plenty of golden ingots to loot.

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