How to Find Blurg in Baldur’s Gate 3

The best Hobgoblin in the Underdark!

If you’re hoping to exhaust all your options when it comes to prying the illithid tadpole out of your skull, you’re going to want to talk to Blurg. Here’s how to find the Myconoid scholar Blurg in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where is Blurg in the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3?  – Answered

There is no shortage of interesting characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. But it can be quite easy to overlook the Hobgoblin scholar Blurg if you’re not careful.

Blurg is a merchant in the Myconoid Colony in the Underdark. You can find him tucked away in a bookish alcove just above and slightly to the right of the Myconoid Colony Waypoint. If you enter the Myconoid Colony from the Selunite Outpost, found in the Goblin Camp, or the Zhentarim Hideout elevator, you’re guaranteed to at least pass him by.

Once you find Blurg, you’ll find that he’s very happy to trade with you. This intellectual hobgoblin is an advocate for free trade between all species, even if you happen to be a Drow.

But players tend to seek out Blurg not for his wares but because of his friend, Omeluum. Omeluum is a friendly Mindflayer who will attempt to try and get the illithid parasite out of your head.

To meet Omeluum, you’ll need to be honest when you first meet Blurg and tell him about the illithid parasite in your skull. If you’re honest, and insist you’re telling the truth, he’ll summon Omeluum to help you. This will jumpstart another branch of the Investigate the Parasite quest in your quest log.

But beyond that, Blurg offers several good items to trade, including a diverse array of Scrolls. He also sells the following unique accessories and armor:

  • Sunwalker’s Gift
  • The Sapphire Spark
  • The Lifebringer

I highly recommend grabbing the Sapphire Spark if you have a Wizard, as the Sapphire Spark will allow you to shoot an additional dart whenever you cast Magic Missile.

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