How to Find the Merchant Ship Raid in Marauders

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How to Find the Merchant Ship Raid in Marauders

Marauders is a new tactical FPS multiplayer looter-shooter game from Team 17 set in a futuristic environment where you raid, shoot, and loot alone or with a team of three as space pirates – the Marauders! Sounds fun, right? If you’ve already gotten around to trying out Marauders with your friends in co-op, you’re probably wondering how to get better weapons and more loot quickly at the beginning of the game without going to regular raids. The solution is to raid Merchant Ships – find out how in the guide below.

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How to Find the Merchant Ship Raid in Marauders

To raid a Merchant Ship in Marauders:

  1. Open the map and find the Merchant Ship – They won’t always be on the map, but when you notice one spawning, don’t waste time, it’s time to raid!
  2. Use Escape Pod to get to it – Enter the Escape Pod from your Engine Room and use it to breach the Merchant Ship, press “F” when you get close to enter it.
  3. Follow the hallways – Once inside, follow the hallways and you will eventually reach the Main Control Room and the Armory. Inside the Merchant Ship, you’ll come across NPCs that need to be disposed of and sometimes other players who had a similar idea as your team, so be ready for some PVP as well.
  4. Loot the safe in the Armory – In the Armory, use the lockpick to open the safe and get the loot.
  5. Don’t forget to loot everything else – Aside from the Armory, don’t forget to loot the Living Quarters and Barracks as they often contain some additional loot that you can pick up as well. Don’t leave anything behind.

After you have grabbed everything and defeated the crew and possibly other Marauders who happened to be there, all that remains is to backtrack to the place where the Escape Pod is waiting for you and get away with all of the loot. Just another day in Marauders!

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