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How to Find the Esi Terminal Action Figure in Destiny 2

Even the Guardian needs a part time job

by Daphne Fama

A new week means new action figures to add to our growing collection. For week three, there are two action figures! Here’s how to get the one in Esi Terminal in Destiny 2.

How to Find the Esi Terminal Action Figure in Destiny 2

Before we head off to Esi Terminal, let’s jump down to the yellow house, where we put the action figures to see what our hint is.

“Esi Terminal: A fashionable restaurant with a striking crimson hallway is looking to hire a dishwasher.”

Sure, you might be an immortal space warrior, but you’re not too important to wash dishes. Especially when there’s an exclusive action figure on the line. Head to Zephyr Concourse, then keep right and jump over the stiles. Follow the hall and you’ll be in Esi Terminal.

Once you’re in Esi Terminal, turn left, then take your first right at the giant blue eye graffiti. There will be plenty of Cabal resistance. But once you turn right, you’ll see a door in the wall of the short corridor.

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Enter it, and you’ll be in a red-tinted room. This is the restaurant! There’s even a bar to your left. From the restaurant, take the first door on your right and you’ll enter a blue tinged room. This is the kitchen. At the far back will be a sink. Activate it.

You’ll be told to get the dishes. The dishes are actually orbs, which you’ll need to grab one at a time. Each time you grab one, return to the sink on the right side of the room and deposit it. There will be five “dishes” / blooms to deposit, with two being in the room you start in and three being in the restaurant.

Unfortunately, the restaurant staff doesn’t seem to like letting you do your job. You’ll be beset by Cabal enemies, all Gladiators. They do quite a bit of damage but can’t be killed. The kitchen and restaurant area is essentially a circle. So, if you’re feeling the heat, never double back.

Once all five are deposited, the action figure will appear in the sink. Job well done! If you’re not sure where to put the action figure, try here: Where to Place Nimbus Action Figures in Neomuna in Destiny 2.

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