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Where to Place Nimbus Action Figures in Neomuna in Destiny 2

They've got six arcade cabinets and no bed. Canon.

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve been slowly collecting action figures of Nimbus scattered around Neomuna, you might be wondering what to do with them. Should you hoard them in your inventory? Should you put them in jars? Never fear, there’s an actual place you’re meant to put them. Continue reading to learn where to place Nimbus Action Figures in Neomuna in Destiny 2.

Where to Place Nimbus Action Figures in Neomuna in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has a longstanding tradition of having secret collectibles that you can hoard and spirit away. On Europa, we could gather Penguins, during the Season of the Seraph we could collect a dog. Does the dog count? I’m counting him.

And now, in Season of Defiance, we can collect action figures. So far, two action figures have been revealed each week. And while Nimbus has a Collectible Locator to help us find them, most of these action figures are gated behind puzzles.

But if you manage to find them, there’s a specific place you’re meant to bring them.

Navigate to Strider’s Gate using quick travel. Once you arrive, approach Nimbus and look down over the ledge. Jump down.

Before you go anywhere, turn right. There, on an elevated platform, is a yellow building which is absolutely swarmed by digital yellow silhouettes. Enter, and you’ll find yourself in an equally yellow room. I have the strong suspicion that this might be Nimbus’s house. There’s a home gym in the corner, some arcade machines, and more importantly, a place to put the action figures. Approach the shelves and if a diamond pops up, you’ll be able to place an action figure you currently have on hand.

If an action figure is available but you haven’t gotten it yet, you’ll get a note with a clue instead. How considerate!

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