How to Find the Zephyr Concourse Action Figure in Destiny 2

They're not dolls

A new week means new Nimbus dolls to find. Sorry, not dolls. Action figures. And like the one at the Irkalla Complex, you’ll have to exercise a little bit of creativity to find it. Here’s how to find the Zephyr Concourse Action Figure in Destiny 2.

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How to Find the Zephyr Concourse Action Figure in Destiny 2

Load into Strider’s Gate, then wave a quick hello at Nimbus. It’s a darn shame that we still don’t have a quick travel point to Zephyr Concourse, but what can you do? Jump off the platform, then head right.

You’ll enter into Zephyr Concourse and see the massive stadium you can’t convince me isn’t modeled after a giant strawberry. Follow the road left, and you’ll wind up at the steps of a bar. Climb up them, then jump over the counter and into the bar itself.

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There, you’ll find a digital clipboard / futuristic iPad. Activate it, and you’ll begin your shift.

So, here’s where the fun begins. Patrons (Cabal) will spawn one at a time in a set pattern around the bar. If they touch the bar, you’ll be “overwhelmed by the rush.” On top of that, you can’t leave the bar. Doing so will end the activity, as you’ve “abandoned your station,” and you’ll have to interact with the clipboard to start again.

Work your way around the bar, keeping an eye on your radar, and kill the Cabal before they get too close. You’ll want a Solar Powered weapon to knock out the Belligerent Patrons as quickly as possible, as they have Solar shields.

Eventually, you’ll get Last Call as a notification, and you’ll only have to beat four more Belligerent Patrons. Save your Super for the last one, as he’s a Colossus that’s hard to bring down.

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Once the big boy is down, your shift ends. A secret will be revealed! Head back to where the clipboard was, and a Nimbus doll will be waiting for you.

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