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How to Find the Basswood Safehouse Key in Redfall

He was so close to making it inside...

by Daphne Fama

The safehouses scattered around Redfall are one of the few places that you can actually find some respite. There’s ammo, a way to instantly heal your health bar, and a chance to just relax. But if you’re in Basswood, you may have found yourself locked out of the local safehouse. Here’s how to find the Basswood Safehouse Key in Redfall.

How to Find the Basswood Safehouse Key in Redfall

Almost every safehouse in Redfall has you jump through a hoop in order to unlock it. That makes sense, as these sanctuaries are coveted and extremely useful. In Heritage Rock, that hoop involved jumping across platforms to avoid the red mists. In Shadetree Heights, it was rewiring a garage in order to access a generator.

But for Basswood, there’s a locked door that’s stopping you from claiming your new safehouse. So, where is the key?

Fortunately, you don’t have to go far. Just beside the generator, which requires the key, is a car with a dead man against the door. If you look at the car closely, you’ll see that just over the man’s head, in the car’s lock, is the key we need.

But don’t take it just yet. The car has an alarm which is active. If you take out the key, the alarm will sound, luring vampires and cultists to your location. It’s better to rewire the car to turn off the alarm. Doing so will make getting the key and unlocking the safehouse easy-breezy.

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You might also notice that the car has a locked trunk. If you’re curious if it’s worth using a lockpick on, here’s what you’ll get:

  • An improved Butcherbird Stake Launcher
  • Food x 2
  • Supplies x 2
  • Flare Gun ammo x 2

With that done, why not settle in for some popcorn? Checkout how to complete this light side quest here: How to Complete Intermission Snack in Redfall.

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