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How to Complete Intermission Snack in Redfall

Risking your life for that buttery crunch

by Daphne Fama

Sometimes surviving isn’t just about making it to the next day. Sometimes it’s about finding joy and comfort in small things. In things that remind you of how things used to be, and things that promise that in the future, there’s a chance it’ll all get better. That’s what this popcorn machine represents, so let’s get it. Here’s how to complete Intermission Snack in Redfall.

How to Complete Intermission Snack in Redfall

Once you’ve scouted out the supply drops in Two Birds, One Stone, you’ll find yourself back in the Redfall Fire Station. Things feel a little better now that you’ve gotten a handle on your weapons, and you can refill your ammo whenever you please. Assuming, of course, you have the cash to do so.

But we need to bring a little human comfort into this sanctuary. And the best way to do that? Popcorn. There’s a popcorn machine in the basement near your room, but it’s broken. So, let’s get it fixed. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get that popcorn repair kit.

  • Head to the Old Town Safehouse or the Zengle Madness Fast Travel Point. They’re equidistance from our goal: Overton Theater.
  • Enter Overton Theater. Once you’re at Overton Theater, expect a little resistance. There might be Cultists or vampires, including a Siphon.
  • Turn right upon entering. Now that you’re in the theater, you’re going to want to turn right and head past the snack stand. There will be a backroom which leads into the basement.
  • Head into the basement.
  • Claim the popcorn repair kit. Once you’ve descended the stairs, you’ll see a locked door. This is the fridge. Go past it, and you’ll see a small alcove with some boilers and a popcorn repair kit on the shelf. Grab it. It’s possible to avoid the special vampire lurking in the next room. But fighting her will lead to a few good rewards.
  • Defeat the Shroud. Or not. In the basement, there will be a Shroud vampire, who’s capable of sinking into the floor, creating a shadow wall, and tossing purple orbs at you. Her orbs are easy to avoid, as they’re well telegraphed. Just step to the side. It’s even better if you can keep her in the doorway. If you do beat her, you’ll be able to grab the key to the fridge you passed, which will have some loot, as well as a Grave Lock on a nearby shelf.
  • Return to the Fire Station.
  • Fix the Popcorn Machine. The popcorn machine has moved! It’s now beside the ammo crates in the main room. Interact with it to fix it, and you’ll get 800 XP as well as a cosmetic.

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You can now make and snack on popcorn whenever you like. Not that it’s necessary, since you always restore health once you walk. But hey, XP is XP!

If you’re curious about some of the other cool things you can do in Redfall, you might want to start hunting down Underbosses. Doing so offers some great rewards. Check out our guide on that here: How to Get Underboss Skulls in Redfall – Answered.

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