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How to Get the Ferry Dock Key and Where to Use it in Redfall

The only thing between you and treasure is a pane of glass

by Daphne Fama

Redfall is a game that’s all about alternative paths and hoarding weapons. And your first chance at taking a crack at both of these features happens pretty much the moment you gain control of your character on the ferry. Here’s how to get the Ferry Dock Key and where to use it in Redfall.

How to Get the Ferry Dock Key and Where to Use it in Redfall

Once you gain consciousness in Redfall, you’ll find yourself the lone survivor on the ferry. The captain is dead, so are all its passengers. But perhaps even worse than all of that, the boat is moored into a wall of water that prevents any escape from the bloodsucker infested island of Redfall.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining. There’s a key to be found and some rewards to be gained. So, let’s get to it.

How to find the Ferry Dock Key in Redfall

  • Once you wake up, go past the captain’s dead body and descend the stairs.
  • You’ll be in the café. Turn right, heading towards the large windows that look out over the deck.
  • To the right of these windows is a dead woman with a gun. You can use this gun to shatter the windows or you can melee them to break the glass.
  • Break the glass and climb through.
  • Once you’re on the deck, turn right, where you’ll see a hatch that leads to a lower floor.
  • Jump down.
  • Above the door you’ll see a man holding the Ferry Dock Key.

Where to Use the Ferry Dock Key in Redfall

  • Now that you have the Ferry Dock key, go through the door that the man is hanging over.
  • You’ll find yourself on the lower deck. Turn left and you’ll see stairs. Go up them.
  • We’re back in the café! In front of you will be two metal doors. Unlock them with the Ferry Dock key.

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And that’s it! It’s a small loop, but it will give you access to the shotgun a little earlier, which will be great for the next mission. I’m pretty sure you could have gotten to this body by punching out the glass in the captain’s room when you first woke up… but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about exploration and finding alternative routes.

If you’re just starting Redfall, you might have some pertinent questions. Like, how do I fast travel? Fortunately, we have you covered. Check out our article on how to do that here: How to Fast Travel in Redfall.

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