How to Find Flames of Moonspell in Vampire Survivors

Have you lost your mind yet?

Flames of Moonspell is something that not every player will be eligible to get, so do not get discouraged after reading through this guide. It’s not really listed as an item within the achievements and the unlockables, but it is there. This is probably because there is a huge time investment needed to get it. Here’s how to find Flames of Moonspell in Vampire Survivors.

What is Flames of Moonspell in Vampire Survivors?

Remember Golden Eggs? Well, some people apparently took our farming guide too seriously.

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A lot of hardcore players have invested hundreds of hours into this game and they have devised a lot of different tactics to get billions upon billions of Gold. And where can this Gold be splurged? On Golden Eggs, of course!

Some regret that they have made some of their characters too broken, and would like to go back to normal. However, without editing the save files or nuking your progress completely, you ain’t gonna go back to normal, chief.

The developers then figured out a convoluted way to do this by adding a weird in-game mechanic to strip your character of the eggs they have attained through farming and purchasing. The pre-requisite for this to be possible is that your character has over 5,000 Golden Eggs. Yes, you’ve heard us right.

Take your 5,000+ Golden Egg character to Moongolow. Go straight down and you will almost immediately see black formations that kind of resemble ink stains. Walk into them without fear and enjoy the weird animation.

Screenshot via Prima Games

After waiting for the animation to end, you will see the following screen. With just 50 mouse clicks, you can undo the 5,000 Golden Eggs from your character that you’ve spent approximately 50 million Gold on, and about 5,000 mouse clicks (we are taking into account the looted Golden Eggs). Don’t you feel sorry for your mouse button that had to endure those 5,000 clicks? Even if you set an automated clicker software to click the button for you, it still takes a lot of time.

You’ve made up your mind? Sure. Enjoy the great reset of your character. We still believe that backing up your save file and doing some edits might be more productive. The game even asks you “What have you done to yourself?” for a reason.

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