How to Find, Catch and Breed Anubis in Palworld

Get ready for challenging fights or lots of cake baking

Palworld Anubis Pal
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To complete your Paldeck, you’ll explore the map, collect as many Pals as possible, and dive into breeding mechanics to hatch eggs for your last remaining entries. Let’s talk about how to find Anubis in Palworld.

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Where to Find Anubis in Palworld

To find and catch Anubis in the wild, you must venture to Twilight Dunes, a small, central desert region north of Investigator’s Fork and the Jormuntide Alpha Pal spawn spot, at coordinates (-132, -98). Anubis, the level 47 Alpha Pal, will appear before a statue for you to fight. You can battle, bring down its health, and catch it from here using your Pal Spheres.

Palworld Anubis map location
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Alternatively, if you have a breeding pen, you can use various Pals such as Penking and Bushi or Celaray and Menasting to create an egg, which you can hatch in an incubator to obtain Anubis without getting into challenging combat.

How to Catch Anubis in Palworld

If you choose to fight Anubis, be prepared for a difficult fight. Although it has relatively low HP, with over 4,000 total health, many of your attacks, including those with firearms, will do little damage unless you’re high enough level to fight it or have strong Pals that can whittle it down.

Anubis is a ground-type Pal, so be sure to bring Grass-type Pals for greater odds of weakening it enough to catch.

As you bring Anubis’ health down, your odds of catching it with your Pal Spheres will rise. However, regular and Mega Spheres have low chances of catching Anubis, so at the very least, you’ll want some Giga or stronger Spheres to do the job.

Also, increasing your capture power by collecting Lifmunk Effigies and using them at a Statue of Power will help you become strong enough to catch Alpha Pals like Anubis.

Once you catch Anubis, it’ll appear in your party or Palbox storage, syncing to your current level if yours is less than 47.

Anubis Breeding Combinations in Palworld

If you want to avoid combat with Anubis or have a low-level character, you can build a Breeding Farm starting at level 19. Once you build it, you can use two Pals and a Cake to begin the process.

Below is a list of some of Anubis’ breeding combinations, excluding those that include Anubis as a parent:

Pal Parent 1Pal Parent 2
Incineram or Incineram NoctSurfent or Surfent Terra
Eikthydeer TerraMenasting
DigtoiseMammorest or Mammorest Cryst
GaleclawFrostallion or Frostallion Noct
Relaxaurus or LuxBroncherry
Relaxaurus or LuxReindrix
Relaxaurus or LuxCelaray

While other combinations are available for you to find, these are a few examples you can attempt during your playthrough, both in the early and late game.

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