How to Find and Destroy Vampire Nests in Redfall

Get ready to spend a lot of time crouch walking

So, you’ve completed the second set of missions and you’ve got a feel for how things work in Redfall. Vampires and cultists? You laugh in their blood-worshipping face. But don’t get too smug. Vampire nests will start spawning across the map. And it’s a good idea to deal with them sooner rather than later. Here’s everything you need to know about vampire nests, including how to find and destroy them in Redfall.

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How to Find and Destroy Vampire Nests in Redfall

Once you’ve completed the second tier of missions, you’ll start seeing light blue circles appearing across your map. At the center of these circles, is a new icon that represents vampire nests.

These nests are essentially the home of vampires, and it’s where they go to bring their victims, recharge and strengthen themselves, and feed a massive heart at the very back of the nest. While this would be all fine and dandy, any monster within the perimeter of the blue circle will receive a damage and health buff. On top of that, the circle will continue to expand. That means it’s best to deal with them as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to do that.

Hunt down the vampire nest entrance by making a beeline to the icon on the map. Once you get close, you’ll need to scout around for an eerie blue glowing door. This is the nest entrance.

All Vampire Nest Characteristics in Redfall

Once you’re inside, the nest will get a variety of generated characteristics. Those characteristics are:

  • Blood Trance: All vampires in this nest are linked. If you alert one, all vampires will become alert.
  • Fire: Fire will appear in the nest, blocking off some routes..
  • Death Mists: Death Mist Spewers will spawn, blocking off some routes.
  • Darkness: The nest is covered in darkness, limiting your vision.
  • Elite: Elite vampires will spawn somewhere in the nest.
  • Heart Guardian: A Shroud vampire will spawn near the Heart, already patrolling.
  • Watcher: Watcher vampires will spawn. They use search beams to spot you. Killing it will likely alert the nearby vampires.

Some of these are worse than others, particularly if you’re trying to go for the Empty Nest Syndrome achievement. It’s practically impossible with the Heart Guardian modifier.

How to Get Past the Vampires in Vampire Nests in Redfall

Once you’re inside the nest, you’ll notice that all the vampires are asleep. It’s better to keep them this way, as they’re significantly stronger than the vampires you face in the overworld. Alerting one vampire is almost guaranteed to alert several others, leading to you getting quickly mobbed. This is rarely worth it, as the XP they dole out is the same as usual.

If you choose to fight them, there are blood amber gems scattered around the map. These were once victims of the vampires, but now they’ve been reduced to ammo and health packs. Reload here. It’s okay if you die, you’ll spawn within the nest.

And if you don’t mind cheesing things, it’s possible to kill the vampires without ever getting damaged from the saferoom you spawn in.

If you choose to use stealth, which I highly recommend, you’ll need to know two things. First, getting too close to a vampire (while crouched) will startle them but won’t wake them. You’ll have a chance to scuttle away. The second is that the electric blue beams they shoot out are essentially tripwires. Cross one while it’s active, and you’ll wake the vampire. Wait until the beam briefly vanishes to sneak by without the vampire waking.

Usually in a vampire nest, your only goal is to get to the heart and destroy it. But if this is your first time in a nest, you’ll need to go to the second floor of the movie theater and disable the projector. This will drop the movie screen illusion, allowing you to pass through into the second part of the nest.

How to Destroy the Heart in the Vampire Nests in Redfall

Once you get to the heart chamber, you’ll notice there are three Nest victims tethered to the giant heart. You’ll need to untether each of them to make the heart vulnerable to bullets. It’s possible to do this without alerting any nearby vampires.

Like when you sneak by them, wait until any adjacent vampires drop their electrical blue beams. Once they do, untether the nest victim. Even though it essentially explodes, the vampires nearby won’t wake up.

Once all three nest victims are untethered, the heart will become vulnerable. Shoot at it with a shotgun and it will explode. All the vampires in the nest will vanish. But before you go down and grab the box, wait!

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How to Escape the Vampire Nests in Redfall

You’ll see there are several crimson glass walls scattered around the heart chamber. Inspect each one until you see the outline of a door. We’ll need to escape in a one-minute time limit, so it’s a good idea to know where the door is. If you die in the nest, you won’t get XP!

Once you’ve located the door, grab the blood vial from the blue box. You can equip them for certain buffs, including a nice HP boost. But once you grab it, the nest will start to collapse. You can now approach the scarlet glass walls and shoot them. Doing so will reveal supply caches which will be full of ammo and guns across the rarity spectrum. Grab as much loot as you can before hightailing it out of the nest door.

If you escape the nest successfully, the blue radius of power will vanish. But more importantly, you’ll get 1,000 XP! That’s huge, and a great way to level up.

Now, with that, let’s do some side missions. You’ll finally have access to a new firehouse quest. So, let’s see if we can’t find Joe’s brother: How to Complete the Abducted Brother in Redfall.

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