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How to Complete the Abducted Brother in Redfall

This is the most I've ever seen Joe speak

by Daphne Fama

Well, it’s rare for ol’ taciturn Joe to say more than three words to you. But he’s got a favor to ask, and we’re just good enough to hear him out. So, here’s how to complete The Abducted Brother in Redfall.

How to Complete the Abducted Brother in Redfall

Before things all went to hell, Joe’s brother got abducted. Now, he’s meant to be holed up somewhere with a bunch of cultists. And if there’s one thing cultists love, it’s committing all types of crimes on our loved ones, so let’s knock and try to save this guy while we can.

Here’s the snapshot version of what we’ll be doing, along with a more extended walkthrough below.

  • Go to the Creelman House.
  • Enter the Creelman House.
  • Head into the basement.
  • Open the door.
  • Escape the house.
  • Speak to Joe.

Go to the Creelman House.

From Sedgewick Safehouse, the Creelman House is only a stone’s throw away. Almost immediately, you’ll start hearing Joe’s brother shouting for help. It sounds like… he’s stuck in a barrel?

Enter the Creelman House.

Usually, it’d be a good idea to get in all sneaky-like through the windows and work your way towards Joe. But the doors are unlocked and the house is strangely empty.

Head into the basement.

From the kitchen, you’ll find a door leading into the basement. Doesn’t this guy’s voice sound oddly tinny? And there sure is a lot of cultist graffiti in the basement. The door that it sounds like this guy is behind also has a ton of gasoline seeping out from beneath it.

All of this smacks of a trap. And that’s because it is. Open up the door and back away quickly. Do so, and you’ll avoid the explosion.

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Escape the house.

Now that you’ve triggered the trap, you’ll be getting a flood of cultists coming through the door. Fight or escape. Either way, we need to regroup.

Tell Joe what happened.

Return to the firehouse and tell Joe what happened. And… he’s really blasé about the whole thing! There’s no evidence that Joe’s brother is dead, but Joe sure takes it that way.

For your effort, you’ll get 800 XP and another firefighter cosmetic. So, that’s nice, I guess?

If you’re trying to complete all of the safehouse missions, which is a great idea, you’ll likely want to know where the most elusive underboss is. Check out Weeping Tammy’s hiding spot here: How to Find Weeping Tammy in Redfall.

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