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How to Feed Animals Around the Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Trade offer: You give them food, they give you companionship

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Feed Animals Around the Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The animals that roam freely in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley are not just there for the atmosphere; if you feed them their favorite foods, you can get rewards such as Dream Shards, but can also complete some Foraging Tasks or even make them your companions. To help you do this without a lot of guesswork, see the guide below for a list of all the critters in the Valley and their favorite foods.

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How to Feed Animals Around the Valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are currently eight types of different animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Crocodiles, Foxes, Rabbits, Raccoons, Ravens, Squirrels, Sunbirds, and Turtles. All these animals like different types of food, and you have to approach each one differently because they are not all used to human contact. Approach them slowly, without running, and when you are close enough, a prompt will pop up to open the inventory. Then, you can choose the food you want to give them.

  • Crocodiles – Found in: Glade of Trust, Favorite Food: Lobster
  • Foxes – Found in: Frosted Heights, Favorite Food: White Sturgeon
  • Rabbits – Found in: Peaceful Meadow, Favorite Food: Carrots
  • Raccoons – Found in: Forest of Valor, Favorite Food: Blueberries
  • Ravens – Found in: Forgotten Lands, Favorite Food: 5-Star Meal (Any)
  • Squirrels – Found in: Plaza, Favorite Food: Peanuts
  • Sunbirds – Found in: Sunlit Plateau, Favorite Food: Houseleek Flower
  • Turtles – Found in: Dazzle Beach, Favorite Food: Seaweed

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Also, all animals come in five different color variations, depending on which days and at what time you play, but their favorite food will always be the same. To make any animal your companion, you need to feed the same variant twice, and as you can feed each animal only once in 24 hours, and they seem to change variants every day, this may take some time.

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