How to Farm Mushrooms in Minecraft

Badget badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

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Mushrooms are a versatile food source in Minecraft and can be used to create a variety of stews and soups. However, growing mushrooms is a different process altogether. In this guide, we will explain how to farm mushrooms in Minecraft.

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How to Get Mushrooms in Minecraft

To start your own mushroom farm, you need to get your first mushroom specimen. Mushrooms are red and brown and are located in dark (low-light) areas such as caves and in forests under trees. There is even a rare mushroom biome that you may find if you’re lucky!

How to Grow Mushrooms in Minecraft

Mushrooms can only grow in low-light conditions. To create a suitable environment for mushroom growth, you must make a dark space where no direct sunlight can come in. You can do this by either constructing a dark room on the surface, digging a cave on a hill or mountain, or going underground. Make sure to use dirt and mycelium blocks, and that your room is big enough for a better yield. Otherwise, mushrooms will not spread as effectively if you put them close to each other, so leave all eight blocks around the planted mushroom empty just to be safe.

After you place your mushrooms on the dirt or mycelium blocks, you must wait for them to finish their growth cycle before you can harvest them. You can increase their growth with Bonemeal or by increasing the tick rate.

Growing mushrooms takes patience, and there are ways to automate the processes with water dispensers, pistons, and Redstone mechanisms.

If you get tired of growing mushrooms, you can switch to taming wolves in Minecraft.

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