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How to Farm Eevani in Warframe

It might look weird, but it has two convenient uses.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Eevani

As any Warframe update with a new location does, the Duviri Paradox expansion brought a ton of new resources for players to collect. These range from fairly convenient to get, to more difficult and time-consuming. Take Enigma Gyrum for example, which requires you to understand some complex puzzles that the game dumps on you with zero guidance. One such resource is fairly common, though can be missed if you’re distracted. Here’s how to farm Eevani in Warframe.

Where to Find Eevani in Warframe

As should be quite clear by now, Eevani can be found exclusively across the new Duviri location. Scattered across many of the location’s different regions, you’ll find small glowing plants that appear to have a ton of yellow flower buds sprouting out of it. If you destroy one of these plants, it will drop Eevani for you to collect. They’re easy to see against the environment, with only the Envy mood making them slightly more difficult to find. If you’re specifically looking for the resource, then your best bets will be at the Ampitheater and the Archarbor depending on which location is active during that mood.

Once you have some Eevani, two different recipes will use it. The first is the Syam sword, which feels great both as the Drifter and as your Warframe. The other is to level the Kunai’s Incarnon Genesis mode, if you unlocked it through the Steel Path mode. This list will likely expand as Duviri receives new content and additional melee weapons, among other changes.

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While Eevani isn’t the most useful resource in all of Warframe, it can provide you with a new weapon for mastery. It’s hard to turn something like that down, especially for a sword that’s considered pretty high-tier for melees by the community. While we’re on the topic of melees, check out our guide on how to get the Sun & Moon melee in Warframe.

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