How to Equip Governing Stones to Your Construct in Diablo 4

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Governing Stone Diablo 4
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Governing Stones are one of the most important items in Season 3 of Diablo 4, and to get started on your seasonal journey, you need to equip them to your construct. This guide will cover how you can place them in your Seneschal to change their abilities.

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How to Equip Governing Stones to Your Construct in Diablo 4 Season 3

You must complete “The Yshari” quest to unlock access to your first Governing Stone, and then you can equip it to your construct within the character menu. On a controller, you can access the construction character screen for Season 3 by pressing start/options and then pressing L2/LT to scroll over to the new tab.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

Until you complete “The Yshari” and “A Supperated Wound” quests, there is no way to earn a Governing Stone. Luckily, these are the first two quests tied to the Season of the Construct and they lead directly to each other. By simply playing the first hour of the story, you get access to your Seneschal construct and some starting Magic Stones.

As for the equipping process itself, you need to manually place a Governing Stone to your Construct. Even though the new companion is running around, it hasn’t been augmented by default. When you open up the construction character menu, there are tabs for Tuning Stones and Governing Stones. Simply switch to the type you want and then select a stone to place in an empty slot for your Construct.

By default, the first Governing Stone that everyone gains access to is the Lightning Bolt. This is a ranged ability that launches a bolt of lightning with potential ricochet damage. Equip this right away so you can knock out the first section of the Season Journey.

If you’re still a bit confused by the whole Seneschal process, make sure to read up on how Augmenting the Construct works in Diablo 4 this season.

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