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How to Enable Auto Targeting in Diablo 4

Take that, filthy creature!

by Patrick Souza
Enable Auto Target Diablo 4

Disclaimer: This article was written using the Beta version of Diablo IV as its source. The final product might differ from what is represented here.

When playing ranged builds in Diablo 4 on a controller, you might find yourself having to lock onto new targets every few seconds, and this can become a hassle really fast. It would be great if the game could do that for you quicker. Well, it actually can! You can kiss the manual targeting days goodbye after enabling a simple option in the settings that can improve your overall experience a lot.

How to Activate Auto Targeting in Diablo IV

To enable auto-targeting, go to the Options menu and head to the Accessibility tab. Scroll down to Controls and activate the Persist Target Lock option. With this setting on, you will not need to manually lock onto a new enemy after killing a previous one, which helps immensely when kiting enemies with a Rogue, for example. 

The game will also automatically lock you on any approaching creature, which can cause some separate troubles. You might be unable to get loot from the ground because you are automatically targeting a further enemy, for example. To solve this, you can either kill your next target or lock off it by pressing the right stick. You can move it to cycle through your desired targets too.

Auto Target Option Diablo 4
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If you do not play on a controller, you are always manually targeting with your mouse, so there is no need to worry about this. But console folks might suffer with this, and this option might be a lifesaver for any ranged class main-to-be out there.

That is all you need to know about enabling auto-targeting on controllers in Diablo 4. For more tips, tricks and guides about the game, take a look at our dedicated tag here on Prima Games. Click here if you want to learn how to hit something without a target.

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