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How to Attack Without a Target in Diablo 4

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by Matt Vatankhah
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Players around the world are returning to Hell in Diablo IV, the long-awaited and newest installment to the almost 20 year-old demonic ARPG franchise from Blizzard Entertainment. Although the endless hordes of beasts and foes alike will give you plenty of things to click on and target, there are times when swinging or firing your weapon without a target proves to be most beneficial, especially for ranged characters. So, is it even possible to do so? Continue reading our guide below to learn how to attack without a target in Diablo IV.

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How to Attack Without a Target in Diablo 4

By default on PC, left-clicking with your mouse will move your character to a designated position, but it will also execute your basic attack if you happen to be hovering over an enemy. The same goes for right-clicking, where your special attacks only seem to fire off when you have a target.

However, by holding Shift on your keyboard, your character will attack while remaining stationary, regardless if you have a target or not. This comes in handy for melee classes when you’d like to swing your weapons wildly in a general direction, but is especially useful for ranged characters, allowing you to fire weapons and spells in a specific direction without the need to aim at a particular enemy.

Alternatively, Diablo IV allows players to separate movement / interaction / basic attacks from one button and instead assign each of them to individual keybinds.

How to Bind Movement and Attacks to Separate Keys

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In the options menu, head to the Controls tab, and select Key Bindings. Scroll down to the Gameplay section, and you’ll see an option for “Combine Move/Interact/Basic Skill Slot”. From the in-game description:

  • Enabled: Movement, interaction, and casting the ability assigned to your Basic Skill slot will utilize the same binding.
  • Disabled: You can define separate bindings for movement, interaction, and casting the ability assigned to your Basic Skill slot.

Disabling this option will allow you to rebind movement, interaction, and your Basic Skill ability to their own individual keys. This is a huge plus for players that find movement to become difficult when surrounded by tons of enemies that are easily targeted. Instead of unintentionally swinging your weapon when you don’t mean to, you’ll be able to freely move your character exactly as you intend.

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