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How to Swap Weapons in Diablo 4

Is it a skill issue?

by Daniel Wenerowicz

When players log into Diablo 4 with their characters for the first time, they’ll be given a few pieces of basic armor and two different weapons that allow for separate playstyles. Unlike other games though, there isn’t an obvious way to swap weapons around.

In previous Diablo games, you would swap your weapon configurations with the press of a key, or simply swap out the main weapons themselves. You can still technically swap the weapon you’re currently using, but there’s no need to. Our guide will explain how weapon swapping works in the Diablo 4 beta so you can get back to killing some mobs.

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Diablo IV – How to Swap Weapons

As you get started with your new character, you’ll quickly level up in the game and you can start selecting some new skills. These skills are the key to weapon swapping within the game. Because classes have two different weapons, there are also skills that fit those two weapons within the abilities menu.

To physically swap your weapons, you need to use a corresponding skill tied to the weapon type, which is why the abilities menu is important. On the Rogue for example, if I have my daggers out, I need to use a bow ability to bring my ranged weapon back out. On PC, you can scroll over your ability and tap “S” to swap as well in the Diablo 4 beta.

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While you can’t spam the weapon swap at will, the option is certainly still there. You won’t find the weapon swap as a bound key or button though, which is why the process is so confusing at first. With all that in mind, you can get back to grinding for loot with both weapons at the ready in Diablo 4.

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