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How to Easily Beat Gigantes in Octopath Traveler 2

Olberic must have gone easy on him because here he is again

by Daphne Fama

There are quite a few optional bosses in Octopath Traveler 2, with some of those including bosses from the original Octopath. Gigantes is in those numbers, and he’s still quite difficult to beat. Unless you have this handy dandy guide. Here’s how to easily beat Gigantes in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Easily Beat Gigantes in Octopath Traveler 2

If you’re like me, you enjoy exploring the map in full and often find yourself staring down a massive optional boss you didn’t mean to pick a fight with. Or perhaps you’re simply completing a quest that’s lead you a monster’s doorstep.

Either way, Gigantes is a monster that you can encounter on the Nameless Isle. And not only is his defeat necessary for a particular side story, but he’s also guarding Finisher’s Claws, a useful accessory for Crit builds. Here’s everything you need to know.

Gigantes Weaknesses and Stats

  • HP: 50,000
  • Shields: 9
  • Weaknesses: Sword, Bow, Ice, Fire, Lightning
  • Attacks:
    • Attack: single unit attack, increases Gigantes’ shields by 2.
    • Harden: increases Gigantes’ shields by 2.
    • Jolt: physical team party attack, increases Gigantes’ shields by 2.
    • Stunning Jolt: team party attack that does more damage than Jolt, increases Gigantes’ shields by 2, but inflicts a defense and magical defense debuff on Gigantes’ for 2 turns.
    • Abide: increases Gigantes’ shields by 2 and buffs physical attack for 1 turn.
    • Searing Flame: elemental based party attack, increases Gigantes’ shields by 2.
      • So, as you can see from Gigantes’ attacks, it’s entire gambit is built around never, ever breaking. Fortunately, we have a build that will bring it down in two rounds. Here’s what you need.

Team Setup

  • Warrior (Throne). Equip Support Skill Boost-Start (Merchant), A Step Ahead (Inventor), Deal More Damage (Armsmaster), and Peak Performance (Armsmaster).
  • Armsmaster (Hikari). Equip Support Skill Deal More Damage (Armsmaster), Boost-Start (Merchant), A Step Ahead (Inventor)
  • Hikari must also know the Learned Skill Last Gasp.
  • Inventor. Equip with Support Skill Boost-Start (Merchant), A Step Ahead (Inventor)
  • Scholar (Temenos): Equip with Support Skill Boost-Start (Merchant), A Step Ahead (Inventor)

!!Important!! For this build to work, Hikari needs to have as close to 1 HP as possible. The easiest way to do this is to let Hikari die, then use Temenos’s Revive or have Hikari lose a duel.

With this build, we can break Gigantes’s in one round then finish him in the second. Start the fight at night to further ensure that your team goes first and does the most damage possible.

Round 1.

Your Inventor must use Critical Scope. This will turn all damage dealt to a single foe into critical damage for four turns. If you don’t have Critical Scope yet, check out our guide on how to get it below.

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Your Warrior Throne must use her Latent ability to attack twice. For each attack, she’ll need to use Aggressive Slash. Do not use her BP.

Your Scholar Temenos must his Latent ability, which causes all of his attacks to break shields. Then, have him use Elemental Barrage. This attack lands 3 – 5 times, which should be sufficient to break Gigantes if you’ve also used Aggressive Slash.

Once Gigantes is broken and your inventor has used Critical Scope, defend until you hit next round so everyone has enough BP to use their divine skills.

Round 2.

Use all of Throne’s BP to use Aeber’s Reckoning. You should get some substantial damage. The Inventor and Scholar’s move doesn’t matter as much, just aim for the largest amount of damage possible.

What does matter is Hikari’s move: Last Gasp. This move can be obtained in Montwise from the guard at the entrance of the town. He’s only there during the day. If you’re struggling to bring down this guard, use six Bottle of Nightmares, which can be bought at the Black Market.

Last Gasp will unleash a powerful sword attack on a single foe. The lower your HP, the more potent the attack. And since Hikari’s HP is at 1, well… Expect big numbers. This move should be enough to bring down the Deep One, especially if you were able to use Aeber’s Reckoning beforehand. But so long as you were able to do at least 100,000 total damage, you should be able to bring down Gigantes.


If you opt to not use this strategy, your best bet is still to use Aggressive Slash with Throne and Temeno’s Latent ability in order to break Gigantes at least once. It isn’t ideal, but the first two rounds are your best opportunities to do as much damage as possible. After that, it’s better to accept that Gigantes will near have his shields broken, as he’s constantly repairing and increasing them.

Keep a Cleric in your party to use Heal More, as Shocking Jolt and Searing Flame can do a lot of damage to early-mid game parties (around level 30), then build up your BP to use Divine Skills when possible. The Inventor’s Critical Scope is very useful and easily obtainable early game as well.

Once Gigantes falls, a particular NPC will reveal himself and you’ll be able to claim the Finisher’s Claws. Congrats!

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