How to Earn “Shield Your Eyes” Trophy/Achievement in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Defeat three enemies at once with a flash grenade

Among the many miscellaneous trophies and achievements in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, one of the most confusing is “Shield Your Eyes,” which challenges players to “defeat three enemies at once with a flash grenade.” What makes this task counterintuitive is that flash grenades (typically) are non-lethal weapons, used to stun enemies rather than outright killing them. However, in Resident Evil 4, there are certain foes that are highly susceptible to flash grenades, with the bright, disorienting, bombs serving as their undoing. Here are the two methods for obtaining the “Shield Your Eyes” trophy/achievement in Resident Evil 4.

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Method 1: Kill Three Plagas-Head Enemies Simultaneously with a Flash Grenade

In the midst of battle, when fighting a Ganado, occasionally, the enemies will reanimate with Plagas-heads (AKA the swinging, spiked tendrils sprouting from where their noggin used to be). Although these enemies can be formidable and intimidating, using the flashbang will kill them instantly. Managing to kill three at once will net gamers the “Shield Your Eyes,” trophy/achievement. The only problem with this method is that is is very rare for three Plagas-headed enemies to spawn at the same time, making the first method for the trophy/achievement a much greater challenge.

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Method 2: Kill Crows with a Flash Grenade

The easiest way to earn the “Shield Your Eyes” trophy/achievement is by throwing a flash grenade at the murder of crows (yes, that is actually what a group of crows are called) in Chapter 3 at the Quarry (pictured above on the Map).

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In order to obtain a flash grenade, you need to either loot one within the world of Resident Evil 4, or craft a flashbang, which requires the crafting recipe, as well as five gunpowder and one “Resources (L)”.

Once you have procured a flash grenade, proceed to the Quarry.

The Quarry is located just past where a Blue Medallion Merchant Request can be found, just behind the open gate pictured above.

Peek out from the gate, to see many crows perched upon the open space of the Quarry. Equip your flash grenade.

Prepare your throw into the middle of the unsuspecting flock and…

BANG! Once the flash grenade explodes, all of the crows will be killed, and the “Shield Your Eyes” trophy/achievement will be added to your collection, depending on your Resident Evil 4 Remake platform of choice.

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