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How to Get the Scratched Emerald in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Jewel Thief Merchant request walkthrough in Resident Evil 4

by Grant Testa

In Chapter 12 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon S. Kennedy will find a notice for a Merchant Request called “Jewel Thief.” The side mission tasks the protagonist with recovering a stolen family heirloom gem from a crow. Here is a walkthrough for finding the crow and stealing back the Scratched Emerald in this highly missable, difficult-to-find Resident Evil 4 request.

Resident Evil 4 Remake “Jewel Thief” Request Explained

The Jewel Thief request can be found after ascending the elevator at the beginning of Chapter 12.

Here is the exact location of the request, it can be found near the Ballroom of Salazar Castle.

While the story tasks Leon with getting on the cable car to head toward the Clock Tower, the “Jewel Thief” mission necessitates for Leon to backtrack, so do not board the tram, and head towards the gate on the right-hand side instead.

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Unlocking the gate will open a pathway for Leon to the Ballroom. From here, you must backtrack past the Great Hall, and towards the Courtyard.

When you return to the Courtyard, you will see (and hear) a cawing crow, as well as some enemies patrolling around the hedges. Dispatch the enemies, and continue to listen for the thieving bird’s calls.

The nest can be difficult to find, but it is located above and across from Leon’s location in the map above. You will find the crow perched high above in its nest, which means that it must be shot in order to obtain the missing jewel.

Although it can be difficult to see in the dark, use a scoped weapon to snipe the crow, forever ending its thievery.

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Once the crow has been slain, it will drop the Scratched Emerald on the ground directly below it.

Once you have obtained the Scratched Emerald, it’s time to return to the Merchant.

Luckily enough, the Merchant is located directly next to the location the crow was shot through a nearby door just to the left. Otherwise, you can return to the cable car next to the Ballroom and progress with the story.

The Scratched Emerald must be sold to the Merchant in order to finish the Jewel Thief request. The gemstone is worth 5,000 Pesetas.

After completing the request, Leon will be rewarded with three Spinel for his efforts.

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