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How to Combine Treasures in Resident Evil 4 Remake

A guide to inlaying gemstones in Resident Evil 4

by Grant Testa

Resident Evil 4 features a number of findable gems and treasures for players to discover in their travails through Capcom’s survival horror remake. Similarly to the original Resident Evil 4, some treasures and gems can actually be combined to create an even more valuable object, which can net a higher yield of Pesetas from the Merchant. Here is how to combine treasures in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, turning treasure into cold hard cash for weapons, items, upgrades, and more.

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How to Inlay Gemstones in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

In order to socket gemstones into a Resident Evil 4 item, you need to find a treasure with open slots, as well as the right style of gem available in your inventory. Once you have obtained both, navigate to the Key Items & Treasures section of your inventory, select a treasure item, and choose “Inlay Gemstones.”

When inlaying gems, you can select which type of rare stone to socket into an item, as well as which position it will be placed. In the example picture above, the Elegant Mask features three circular spaces for gems to be inserted.

There are six kinds of gemstones in Resident Evil 4, three of which are round, while the other three are rectangular. The circular gems in Resident Evil 4 are rubies, sapphires, and yellow diamonds, while emerald, alexandrite, and red beryl are rectangular-cut.

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Why You Should Combine Treasure Items in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Inlaying the Gemstones increases the value of the treasure, as seen in the picture above. If these items were sold to the Merchant separately, they would fetch a price of 16,000 Pesetas, while the combined total of the Elegant Mask, Ruby and Sapphires net a total of 19,200 Pesetas. Furthermore, there is an added bonus for combining the same type of gem into an item, as seen in the example in the image above, as the Elegant Mask received a duo bonus of 1.2 for featuring two sapphires. This means that you should combine as many of the same kinds of gems into a treasure as possible, since this will maximize the sale price.

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