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How to Complete the Insect Hive Request in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to destroy all entrances to the hive in Resident Evil 4

by Grant Testa
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During Chapter 11 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon S. Kennedy will come across a Merchant request called “Insect Hive”, which tasks the protagonist with ending a dangerous infestation in the underground below Salazar Castle. However, defeating these creepy crawlies is going to take a lot more than bug spray. Here is how to complete this easily missable side mission in Resident Evil 4, including where to find the elusive hive.

Insect Hive Merchant Request Explained in Resident Evil 4

In the middle of Resident Evil 4’s eleventh chapter, Leon and Luis will enter an area called the “Hive,” which is crawling with dangerous insects. The duo must navigate around the section and fend off the swarm of “Novistadores,” which are the game’s fast-moving insectoid enemies. Also, in this section, the “Insect Hive” Merchant request can be discovered, which requires that Leon “destroy all entrances to the hive.” Since the entire area is called the “Hive,” the side mission is somewhat counterintuitive, but the request is actually referring to destroying the four yellow bulbs of the structure in the middle of the sprawling location. Here are all the locations where you can shoot the bulbs to close the four hive entrances, and complete the mission.

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Hive Entrance #1

The first location (although they can be shot in any order you desire) is found to the northeastern corner of the Hive (as seen on the map above).

Head towards the ledge at the center of the room with the chasm below. Looking out and up, you can see a glowing yellow sphere, high above the cavernous, dark hive. Shoot it to destroy the entrance. While any weapon can work, a scoped gun seems to be the more accurate, ammo-friendly option.

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Hive Entrance #2 and #3

The second and third entrances can be destroyed in the west section of the Hive.

Once again, looking up from the edge toward the center from the west side of the room, the second hive entrance can be clearly seen (and destroyed).

The third can be found slightly to the right from the second’s location. If you can’t quite see the third entrance, continue along the path to the right (heading toward the exit) and look up at the large structure suspended in the middle of the room. The yellow, glowing bulbs are very hard to miss.

Hive Entrance #4

The fourth and final hive entrance can be destroyed near the elevator to exit the section. DO NOT board the elevator until you have destroyed the hive entrance.

Look out to and up and slightly to the right at the center of the room from the platform near the elevator. You will find the final glowing bulb illuminated and easy to spot among the darkness of the Hive. It is recommended that you use a high-powered weapon, such as a rifle to shoot the final entrance.

Once you have completed the request, return to the Merchant, where Leon will be awarded four Spinel for his insect extermination efforts.

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