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How to Complete Viper Hunter Request in Resident Evil 4 Remake

"I have had it with these monkey fighting snakes in this Monday to Friday game"

by Grant Testa

When it comes to scaring its audience, Resident Evil 4 is truly a symphony of horror. The game pulls out all the stops to frighten its players, featuring a variety of creatures and blending multiple scary subgenres. For those with Ophidiophobia or “fear of snakes,” there are even a few vipers present in the game that can pop out from crates when you least expect. Although the snakes are far from the scariest enemies of Resident Evil 4, they play a vital role in the game’s “Viper Hunter” Merchant Request. Here is everything you need to know about completing the Viper Hunter side mission in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, and where to find the slithering reptiles early in the game.

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Where to Find Snakes in Resident Evil 4

The Viper Hunter side mission tasks players with killing and selling three vipers to the Merchant. After you have acquired the Merchant request in Chapter 3, there are many places you can encounter snakes in Resident Evil 4. However, I personally found that the Fish Farm (where the boat fuel is located) is an excellent place for hunting the creatures. Once you have dispatched the many enemies in the area, listen for hissing sounds and check the yellow crates, as you will surely find plenty of venomous vipers slithering nearby.

In a Resident Evil setting full of massive monsters and Plagas-infected villagers, vipers are very low on the food chain and scariness scale. The snakes can be killed easily with a well-placed shot, but it is recommended that you opt for a knife stab or swipe instead, in order to save ammo.

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Once you have killed it, make sure to collect the slain viper for your inventory, and then return to the Merchant when you have bagged three of the reptiles.

Upon selling the three dead vipers to the Merchant, the Viper Hunter request will be completed, which will award Leon with four Spinel that can be used for special items and upgrades.

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