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How to Earn Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

What an enigma.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Enigma Gyrum

Warframe’s newest open world of Duviri is much larger than you’d expect for a world that can’t be explored on its own (yet). While doing one of the central bounties (or after completing it), you can explore its vast world and collect decrees to make yourself extremely powerful. You can also collect plenty of resources, including one that some could say is an enigma. Here’s how to earn Enigma Gyrum in Warframe.

Where to Find Enigma Gyrum in Warframe

Enigma Gyrum is unique in that its collection method is entirely different to how you collect other resources in Duviri. Instead of completing bounties or breaking plants laid throughout the world, you instead need to complete Enigma puzzles in secret places throughout Duviri. These unique challenges can differ depending on which you find, but always award one Enigma Gyrum when completed. We can’t give solutions to every type of puzzle since we’d be here forever, though we will give an example through one we found at the Netherbarrow Crossing.

Warframe Enigma Puzzle
Image via Prima Games.

For this puzzle, there are three different symbols that need to be created through small drums located nearby. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call the above symbols N, U, and X. If we head into a pit immediately adjacent to this Enigma puzzle, we’ll find the small drums with certain symbols displayed on them.

Warframe Enigma Puzzle Solution
Image via Prima Games.

To change their symbols, you want to shoot at them using your Sirocco pistol until they change to one of the three symbols. Once it is the symbol you want, move to the next drum. Shoot that one until it’s another one of the symbols, then do the same with the third. If done correctly, you’ll be awarded with Drifter Intrinsics and a Decree. Along with those, you’ll find an Enigma Gyrum at the puzzle location.

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While we aren’t going to go into detail regarding each individual puzzle, there are some key differences you should note. Select Enigma puzzles may require another player to start or solve. Some of the drums will have some webbing surrounding it, which you’ll need to shoot to free it. Others will also require you hit a nearby drum to unlock them temporarily. Some may even drop discs, which will need to be thrown into an empty drum to display one of the required symbols. The end goal of having the symbols add up will always be the same, and you’ll always be awarded an Enigma Gyrum. You may also find a part for the new Cinta Bow, with a small chance for a part of the blueprint to drop.

There you go! That’s how you earn Enigma Gyrum in Warframe. You may also want to know how to get Pathos Clamp in Warframe, which our guide can help you with.

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