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How to Earn Pathos Clamp in Warframe

Doesn't look like much of a clamp to me.

Warframe’s recent Duviri Paradox update brought a new open world, something considered monumental for the game. While it functions far differently from the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and the Cambion Drift, the same concept of a rich world filled with endless resources is still present. One such resource requires some effort to get, but is arguably one of the most useful. Here’s how to earn Pathos Clamp in Warframe.

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Where to Find Pathos Clamp in Warframe

As mentioned, Pathos Clamp can be found on the new Duviri open world. If you’ve done a fair bit of exploring though, you’ll notice that it isn’t a resource that can be found out in the world. Instead, you’ll need to complete a run-through of Duviri to get some. This will involve completing six separate bounty steps, culminating in the takedown of one of the giant Orowyrms.

Once you’ve defeated an Orowyrm and returned to the exit portal, the game will award you 10 Pathos Clamp. If you’ve playing through the bounty on Steel Path mode, you’ll receive 15 Pathos Clamp instead. That isn’t much more, though if you’re at that point in your Warframe journey, chances are you’re up for the challenge.

The Pathos Clamp you collect can be used for a variety of different things. The most useful of all is the new melee weapons as part of Duviri. In Teshin’s Cave, you’ll find a small room with all of the different melee weapons. Spending 50 Pathos Clamp will get you one of four of the melee weapons, with 60 getting you the Sampotes hammer. If you’ve already gotten all of the weapons, you can use them at Acrithis’ shop in the Dormizone to get various items including Riven mods. Lastly, Pathos Clamp can be spent on acquiring certain Incarnon Genesis upgrades.

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Pathos Clamp are a bit grindy to farm, but getting plenty of them will do you well in Warframe. It’s a handful of melee weapons to use in and out of Duviri, alongside plenty of other goodies. Be sure to check out our guide to see all Duviri Paradox weapons in Warframe to know which ones you should pick.

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