How to Do Rubik’s Cube Trick in Spider-Man 2

I can't solve one in real life, so I'll let Peter do the hard work.

Spider man 2 screenshot of spider man solving a rubik's cube while falling in new york.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a very stylish game, and what better way to show off your brains and brawn than completing a Rubik’s Cube while plummeting off a building? Let’s find out how to do the Rubik’s Cube trick in Spider-Man 2 easily.

How to Do the Rubik’s Cube Air Trick in Spider-Man 2

Video by Prima Games

First, switch to Peter Parker. To perform the Rubik’s Cube trick in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’re going to want to track down a very tall building. This Air Trick isn’t performed while swinging, but rather, while you are diving toward the ground. Once you have found a tall building, like the Avenger’s HQ that we jumped off of in the video above, leap off of the side and click in L3 to start diving. Once you have entered the dive mode, press and hold Square and press down on the left thumbstick. Peter will then bring out a Rubik’s Cube and start solving it.

There is a problem, however: if you don’t break out of the trick by letting go of the button combination before you hit the ground, you’ll just splat against the concrete. There is a Trophy for doing this, so you may want to do it at least once unless you’ve turned on Fall Damage. That would be an instant death sentence for this particular Spider-Man, so make sure that you’re not trying to be the true Spider-Man. You can also access the accessibility menu and turn down the game speed so you can perfect this move without fail.

Other Air Tricks in Spider-Man 2

Once you have Spider-Man 2’s Rubik’s Cube trick down, you’re going to want to master some other tricks as well. Like in Insomniac’s previous Spider-Man games, air tricks will net you some quick and easy XP while you’re swinging around the city. And Peter isn’t the only one who can do them. Miles can do just about everything a spider can too. Except solve a Rubik’s Cube, apparently.

To perform air tricks in Spider-Man 2, you need to hold down the Square button and move the left analog stick in various directions.


You will be awarded the Hang Ten trophy if you perform 30 air tricks before touching the ground. You can web swing and glide between them, so no need to worry about doing all 30 in one fall.

You can perform the following air tricks using their corresponding button prompts:

  • Front Pike: square + up.
  • Curly Fry: square + right.
  • Inverse Flip: square + down.
  • Indy Grab: square + left.

Holding a directional input while performing an air trick will extend the trick, netting you bigger XP if you can pull it off. You can also combine air tricks while falling, which will reward you with an extra point of XP for each additional trick you string together. It’s not a large amount of XP, but over time, it can add up.

Spider-Man 2 screenshot of Miles performing his cellphone air trick in a wolverine outfit.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Miles’s Cellphone Air Trick

Peter may have his own special Rubik’s Cube air trick in Spider-Man 2, but he’s not the only one who’s special. Miles can perform a much less impressive air trick of his own where he pulls out his cellphone and scrolls through Instagram or something. Quite apt for a teenager, we guess.

To perform Miles’s Cellphone Air Trick, you’ll need to use L3 to start diving, then hold down Square and press down on the left thumb stick. This is the same button prompt as Peter’s more exciting Rubik’s Cube air trick.

Now that you’ve mastered the Rubik’s Cube in Spider-Man 2 and many other tricks, be sure to swing by our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks that can make you into the greatest Spider-person of your generation. Next up, how about checking out our aggressive defense of Peter Parker? There’s nothing wrong with him. Really.

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