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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 didn’t just give us the next stage in Peter’s story. It combined two Spider-Men into one narrative, and for the first time, Miles is outshining Peter as a classic superhero in some ways. You may be thinking that it’s completely against what Spider-Man truly is. 

I’m here to tell you that Insomniac couldn’t understand Peter any better. There’s nothing wrong with how he has been portrayed. While Miles may be a little too “good” at being Spider-Man, Peter has done nothing but follow what the comics set up time and again. If anything Peter is written far more like Spider-Man and the way Miles is portrayed actually separates him from the title.

Peter Will Not Retire After Spider-Man 2

There is no chance in any Time Stone scenario that Peter stays retired after Spider-Man 2. I know he said it. Miles is strong enough to keep New York safe. Peter just wants to keep the Emily-May Foundation going so he can lead a normal life. The Spider-Man we know is no longer Peter. Welcome to Spider-Man.

Time and again, Peter has struggled with his dual life. Over decades of comics, he goes back and forth between being Spider-Man, being the best version of a normal Peter, or attempting both. As you might’ve guessed, none of them ever work out. That’s the Peter Parker conundrum. He never finds happiness in his dual life, and it’s a constant battle. In essence, Spider-Man has always been one step away from a sitcom or a soap opera.

If comics aren’t your thing, that’s totally fine. The Sam Raimi movies display this exact sentiment. In Spider-Man 2 the movie, which lines up perfectly with the game, Peter quits being a hero. He attempts a normal life. He even enjoys it for a while before being pulled back in and realizing he can’t quit. There is far too much responsibility. 

So you might be thinking Insomniac wants to sideline Peter and make Miles the star. I’m not convinced. Peter is just doing the old Spider-Man loop that we’ve seen for decades across various forms of media. And after all, the entire cast is tied to Pete. This is his story.

Peter Has Always Been a Mess in Spider-Man

Good luck finding versions of Peter Parker that aren’t an absolute mess. In Spider-Man 2, Miles looks so good next to Peter because the original Spidey makes mistake after mistake. Meanwhile, Miles is only getting stronger and maturing as a person as he goes.

This might’ve upset some fans, especially when Peter admits that he could never truly turn a villain into a hero like Miles did with Martin Li. So far, Peter is right about that in the Insomniac version of this world. But that line also made Miles less of a Spider-Man in my eyes. Not because he is good at what he does. Instead, it’s because he makes failure seem rare by the end of the game.

Miles has certainly had his trials. However, he doesn’t have the same fate as Peter Parker as a character. He will always face endless trials. Pete has always had messy relationships, brief stints with jobs, and an on-the-fly approach to crime fighting.

If anything, Peter is the one who embodies the “A hero is just a guy who doesn’t quit” quote that Miles uses from his dad. Peter will continue to get beaten down and have his life crumble. And at the end of it all, he will return to Spider-Man whether it consumes him or not.

With Spider-Man 2 finally out there and Peter attempting to leave Spider-Man behind, we know exactly where that will end; with Peter going back after iconic villains at the cost of his relationships and maturity.

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