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How to Defeat the Red Prince in Remnant 2

Your guide on how not to get char-grilled

Did you refuse to bend the knee? Or perhaps you were just a few Crimson King Coins short of paying proper tribute. Whatever the case, the Red Prince has you marked for death. Here’s how to commit regicide and defeat the Red Prince in Remnant 2 once and for all.

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How to Defeat the Red Prince in Remnant 2

Insult the Red Prince, and you’ll find yourself in a fight for your life. And what’s worse is that he has a move that can one-shot you if you’re not careful. Fortunately, once you know his moves and patterns, he becomes easy enough to take down.

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But did you know it’s also possible to skip this fight altogether? If you have the tribute the Red Prince demands, you’ll get the Boss crafting material and completely skip the fight. Check out how to do that here.

Before the Fight – Equipment

The Red Prince can hit with you the “Curse” status effect. This status effect, which triggers once you’re hit by one of his attacks, will prevent you from fully healing your HP. If you’re not confident that you’ll be able to pull off a no-hit run, a great amulet for this fight is the Neckbone Necklace.

  • Neckbone Necklace – reduces the damage of status effects by 50% but, more importantly, it gives you 25% increased damage when suffering from a Status effect.
    • Obtained from the Great Feast Event in the other Fae dungeon (Gilded Chambers/The Great Hall).

As for rings, these will depend on where you’ve been. Some rings that will keep you alive that you probably have (or can quickly grab) are:

  • Black Cat Band – When taking fatal damage, instead of dying, the wearer’s Health will drop to 1, and Movement Speed will increase by 25% for 10s. 2m cooldown.
    • Obtainable for 500 scraps at Reggie’s store in Ward 13.
  • Fire Stone – Increases Fire damage by 10% and Fire Resistance by 15.
    • Obtainable for 500 scraps at Reggie’s store in Ward 13.
  • Ring of Diversion – Increases invulnerability window while evading and sliding.
    • Obtained after successfully completing the jump puzzle in Yaesha, The Lament optional dungeon. To get it, you’ll need the Kolket’s Key.

During the Fight – The Battlefield and Strategy

The Battlefield

The arena you’ll fight the Red Prince in is split into two areas: the top and bottom. You’ll start on top. Make note of the circular area where the Red Prince first spawns. This area will become very important later. The bottom area is the circular pit which you can either jump into or descend using the stairs.  

The Strategy

The Red Prince is a boss enemy that will spawn with two random modifiers (or not, depending on your difficulty level). His critical hit weak spot is his head. He’s capable of inflicting the status effect Curse on hit, as discussed above, and has a rotation of six moves.

  • Flame Spears – The Red Prince will sway his sword around him, conjuring flames. Once the circle is complete, he will shoot out five flame spears in front and to the side.
  • Teleport – If you’re too far from him, he will teleport to you. He will strike once immediately after teleporting, pause, then quickly combo three more short range melee moves.
  • Flame Arc – The Red Prince, at a distance, will swing his sword and shoot a flame arc at you.
  • Flame Room – The Red Prince will summon a massive wave of fire, starting a timer. If you don’t get on the central platform, you will instantly die. Triggered around half health.
  • Basic Swing – A standard short range sword attack.
  • Summons – He will periodically call his “knights”, which are just flame copies of himself. One or two will spawn at a time, and they can use the same moves as the original.

First Phase

I fought the Red Prince several times to pin down his moves. He always started the fight off with Flame Spears. During the cast animation, get behind him. The flame spears will hit everything in front and to the side of him, but his back is completely open.

From there, the best strategy is to go where the Red Prince isn’t. If the Red Prince is on the top floor, go to the bottom floor. If he’s on the bottom floor (ideal, as it makes headshots easier), go to the top floor. Whenever he Summons, prioritize killing the summon. They’re low health but still pack a punch, so it’s best to get them out of the way.

From there, it’s a game of cat and mouse. Don’t stray too far away from the Red Prince, as his Teleport-Melee combo is the most likely to hit you if you’re low on Stamina. To avoid his Flame Arc and Flame Spear attacks, either jump in the hole or use the central pillar (if you’re already in the hole). Do this and whittle away his health until you get to the second phase.

Second Phase

Once you get the Red Prince to half health, he’ll rise into the air. This means he’s about to summon the Flame Room. You can shoot him during his ascent, but you also have a limited time to get to the central platform on the top level. Once you’re on the platform, don’t let your guard down.

The Red Prince will teleport onto this platform, engaging you in short-range combat. His opening gambit for this stage of the fight is the teleport-melee combo. Do enough damage, and he’ll teleport away before returning, repeating the same melee combo. It’s possible that he’ll also devolve into doing basic swing attacks.

Eventually, the fire will fade, and you can continue the fight as usual, using the same strategy. If the Red Prince is on the higher level, go to the bottom level. If the Red Prince is on the bottom level, shoot at him from the top level.

As he reaches the last segment of his health, he’ll try to summon the Flame Room again. Go to the central platform and finish him as quickly as possible. Not because he’ll get extra strong or anything, but because this fight has dragged on long enough. You’d think royalty would know how to die with dignity.

Rewards for Beating the Red Prince

Once that’s done, he’ll vanish. Your main character will get a Trait Point and a Forlorn Fragment. The Forlorn Fragment can be turned into the Firestorm Weapon Mod.

  • Firestorm Weapon Mod – Creates a whirling cyclone that sucks in nearby targets and applies Burning for 10s. The center of the cyclone deals 75 fire damage per second. Lasts 15s.

And that locked hallway that was just off to the side of the boss room? It’s now open.

Speaking of which… it’s likely that you’ll soon get another key component for a secret archetype. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or need a reminder of all the hoops you’ll need to jump through, check out our guide here: How to Unlock the Secret Invader Archetype in Remnant.

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