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How to Unlock the Secret Invader Archetype in Remnant

I'm over here! Actually I'm over here! Silly enemy, I'm right here!

If you’re enjoying Remnant 2, then chances are you’ll be on the hunt for every secret you can find. There are more than enough secrets in the game, with people who have 400 hours in the game not even being able to find every secret in the game. One particularly useful secret is some new Archetypes, including one that can be a bit off the beaten path. Here’s how to get the secret Invader Archetype in Remnant 2.

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How to Get the Invader Class in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Machine Room
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Before you can worry about getting the Invader Archetype, you’ll first want to get the Dreamcatcher melee weapon. We have a guide on that full thing which you can find linked at the bottom of this paragraph. Once you have the Dreamcatcher, you’ll want to travel to Root Earth through the Corrupted Harbor Worldstone. Work your way through the elites and the tall enemies until you reach the machine room (pictured above). This is where we can begin.

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Remnant 2 Dead Root Enemy
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Once you enter the machine room through the large staircase, head immediately right, and you’ll find a side room you can enter, leading down to a large, open space with a dead root enemy in the center. There’ll be some standard enemies and an elite that spawns here, so be ready to take some foes down before making your way in.

Remnant 2 Bane Location
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Once you’ve cleared out your foes, walk up to the dead root enemy in the center and melee attack it. You’ll get a Walker’s Dream item, which you can assign to a Quickslot. Do so and use the key, and you’ll be transported to a new location. Within is Bane, a mini-boss who has a surprising amount of friends.

The regular small wretches it spawns aren’t too much of a problem to handle, rather it’s the flying knight that will be a problem. You’ll want to focus it down as quickly as possible, falling back toward the checkpoint if you need extra space. Once you have the side enemies focused down, taking down Bane is pretty easy, all things considered. For killing him, you’ll snag a few bits of loot alongside the ever-important Wooden Shiv material.

With this in your inventory, head to Wallace in Ward 13 and spend the required Lumenite Crystals and Scrap to unlock the Invader Archetype.

How Does the Invader Archetype Work?

The Invader Archetype says, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” with its class design. This class takes a page out of the Root’s book, using trickery and quick traversal to take down its foes. Its perks and skills are as follows:

  • Prime Perk (only active if it’s your Prime Archetype):
    • Shadow – Casting an Invader Skill leaves a Decoy for x seconds which draws enemy fire. Deal 5% additional damage to enemies not targeting Invader.
  • Skills:
    • Void Cloak – Automatically Perfect Dodge incoming direct damage for 60s. Each auto-evade reduces the timer by 33-100% based on damage absorbed and spawns a Decoy for 3s.
    • Worm Hole – Warps the caster forward through space-time. The next Melee or Ranged attack within 5s will deal 300% damage. Holding the Skill button will show where the warp will land. If an enemy is directly targeted, the caster will emerge directly behind them.
    • Reboot – Intiates a Data Backup of the caster’s current Health, Stamina, Relic Charges, Amm, and Negative Status Effects, which are stored for 30 seconds. While the Backup is active, increases Movement Speed by 15% and Damage Reduction by 10%. Reactivating the Skill restores all saved values from the Backup and spawns a Decoy which lasts 3 seconds.
  • Perks:
    • Override – Using a Relic reduces Threat Generation by 25% for 10 seconds. While Override is active, the next Evade leaves an Empowered Decoy which lasts 4 seconds.
    • Circumvent – Reduce Cost of Evade and Combat Slide by 10%.
    • Loophole – All ally Ranged and Melee damage against enemies distracted by the Invader’s Decoy grants 5% base damage as Lifesteal.
    • S.H.A.R.K. – Sprinting for 1s or Evading adds one stack of Momentum, which increases Ranged and Melee damage by 0.7% for 15s. Max five stacks. Increases with Invader level.

All around, the Invader class is going to be best for someone who wants to go in and dish out as much damage as they can. If you’re anything like me and enjoy the Vanguard class in Mass Effect, then this is the class for you.

If you’re searching for more secrets in the game, check out our guide on the Losomn Asylum Safe code in Remnant 2.

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