What is the Losomn Asylum Safe Code in Remnant 2? – Answered

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Remnant 2 Asylum Safe
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When moving through the world of Remnant 2, you’re going to come across a lot of different things that are either obvious secrets or secrets with answers that aren’t so clear. This keeps things fresh, as you’ll sometimes have to work quite hard to get what you want. Sometimes it can also be frustrating, but thankfully, that’s not the case here. Here’s what the Losomn Asylum Safe Code is in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Asylum Safe Code in Remnant 2

The Asylum Safe is naturally found within the Asylum section of Losomn, specifically on the first floor. If you’ve gone ahead and explored the region, then this is where you’ll find yourself a little confused. No books detail what the answer is, and there are no objects in the room with the safe.

That’s because there’s a prerequisite to opening this safe. If you head down to the basement, you’ll find someone locked away in a cell who needs three Stone-Carved Dolls to remember this “Nightweaver” character you keep hearing about. These Stone Carved Dolls are scattered around the Asylum in different spots, so the three of them can be hard to get. Thankfully, we have the answer below.

All Stone-Carved Doll Locations in Remnant 2

The first of these Stone-Carved Dolls is found within a side room on the first floor.

Remnant 2 Stone-Carved Doll 1
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The second Stone-Carved Doll can be found when you make your way out into the courtyard, specifically off in one of the corners.

Remnant 2 Stone-Carved Doll 2
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The final Stone-Carved Doll can be located on the third floor once you have access, in one of the larger rooms.

Remnant 2 Stone-Carved Doll 3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

Once you have all three dolls, take them to the lady in the cell down in the basement. Before you open the cell though, listen to the rhyme she’s singing. She says the following:

Two shining copper teeth removed from nine discarded combs, and seven yellow leaves excised from one forgotten tome.”

As a bonus tip here, opening the safe nets you a Stone Doll that is supposed to look like the Nightweaver. This’ll get you a gift when placed inside a web later in the level.

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Using the numbers she said, put the code 2971 into the safe to unlock the Double Barrel handgun. If you know your guns, you know the type of power you’re in for. Enjoy pretending you’re playing Doom! While you’re on the hunt for secrets, check out our guide on how to open the Ward 13 Chest in Remnant 2.

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