What to Do with the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2 – Answered

Can I offer you some rotting bread? Maybe a human head?

As you plumb the depths of the Gilded Chambers, you’ll find yourself in the stone halls in the basement. Look closely, and you’ll stumble across a Ravenous Medallion. But what does this trinket do? Here’s where to bring the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2.

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How to Use the Ravenous Medallion in Remnant 2

The Great Hall is a place for faeries and monsters and everything in between. But there’s also quite a bit of loot, which is essential if you want to survive the gauntlet that is Remnant 2. That’s where the Ravenous Medallion comes in. Found in the kitchen on the bottom floor, the Ravenous Medallion is your key to a new area.

From the kitchen, descend the stairs and take the lift back up to the upper floor. This lift will take you to your very first checkpoint in the area. From the checkpoint, head straight ahead to the locked door. The Ravenous Medallion can be slotted into the door, granting you access to a banquet hall.

Screenshot by Prima Games | Upper floor near first checkpoint

At the banquet hall will be a large man with no eyes and a misshapen face. He’ll want to know where the guests are. And if you speak to him, you can trigger the Great Feast Event.

How to Complete the Great Feast Event in Remnant 2

Speak to the host, the Feast Master, and he’ll invite you to take part in the banquet. Don’t let the fact that the food is all rotten stop you. Or the fact that it’s made of people.

Screenshot by Prima Games | Yummy.

Eat an item at the table, and you’ll be inflicted with the Ravenous status effect. This is a negative effect that will slowly whittle away your health. Healing using Dragon Hearts doesn’t seem to work. Fae enemies will arrive. Kill these waves of enemies, and eventually, the quest objective will be complete. Expect at least three Elite enemies to spawn.

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If you’re struggling and losing too much health, you can also eat the random cowering humans in the room. Doing so will restore some of your health. They appear on the wall behind the Feastmaster through the Dumbwaiter.

I found that out by accident, promise.

Once you’ve defeated all the waves of enemies, speak to the Feastmaster again. He’ll give you the Neckbone Necklace amulet as a parting gift.

  • Neckbone Necklace – Reduces the Damage of Status Effects applied to wearer by 50%. Gain 25% increased Damage when suffering from a Status Effect or Blight.

That’s an exceptionally useful amulet, especially against status-inflicting bosses.

The Gilded Biome has many secrets. And there’s one just after this event. Here’s how to solve the Great Hall torch puzzle:

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