What to Do With the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2

This is just a rebranded story from Aesop's Fable

The Fae Courts are gilded, decaying, and altogether beautiful. And there are quite a few secrets to be found. Including the Plain Ribbon, which you can alchemize into two different forms. Here’s what to do with the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2.

What to Do With the Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2

 When you descend into The Great Hall, you’ll likely encounter the Plain Ribbon lying on the floor close to where you entered. This Plain Ribbon can’t offer much in its current state, but if you read its item description, you’ll glean a hint of what it’s capable of.

“It is made of some fabric that is neither silk nor but maintains the pleasurable feel of both.”

The Plain Ribbon can be turned into either a Golden Ribbon amulet or a Silver Ribbon amulet, depending on your actions.

  • Golden Ribbon – Increases Mod damage by 25%. Activating a Mod grants Hasted for 15s.
  • Silver Ribbon – Increases skill damage by 25%. Activating a skill grants Haste for 15s.
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Map Legend

  • A – Fairy Statue location (upper floor)
  • B – Plain Ribbon Location (bottom floor)

To get the Golden Ribbon, you’ll need to be in the Light World. To get the Silver Ribbon, you’ll need to be in the Dark World. If you have a specific world state and ribbon that you want, you’ll need to collect both mural pieces that are part of the main storyline. Once you have these pieces, you can insert them and then use a lever to change the world state into either Light or Dark.

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Once you’re in the world state of your preference (or if you just don’t care), go back up the elevator from where you obtained the Plain Ribbon. Go to the twin Fae statues nearby and interact with them to use the Plain Ribbon.

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Your character will then loosely tie the statues together. Nothing will appear to happen. You’ll need to leave the Gilded Chambers biome, then return to the figure to claim your reward. Just touching a checkpoint isn’t enough; you’ve got to completely leave!

That’s what to do with the Plain ribbon in remnant 2. Love weird, rare items? Then do I have an article for you. Check out how to get the Secret Dreamcatcher weapon here:  How to Get the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2.

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