Remnant 2: How to Get and Use Kolket’s Razor

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One of the earliest optional dungeons you’ll encounter in Remnant 2 is The Lament. And while The Lament is home to some excellent loot and resources, the best items are hidden behind locked doors. To that end, here’s how to get Kolket’s Razor and what to do with it once you have it in Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2: How to Get and Use Kolket’s Razor

Once you’ve solved the Plinth puzzle, you’ll gain access to the next section of the dungeon. Continue straight ahead (your mileage may vary, the dungeons are procedurally generated), and you’ll find yourself in a short corridor that leads to your second checkmark of the dungeon.

Right before the new checkmark are two alcoves on either side of the corridor. These alcoves contain chests. Interact with the one on the left and a monster called Wither will appear. This mini-boss has randomized modifiers, but it’s essentially a superpowered Root Slasher.

Wither, like many of the enemies you’ve faced so far, has a glaring weak point: the bulging red parasite in its chest. Gun or melee its weak stomach and it will eventually turn into a flying parasite again. Kill the parasite, and it will drop Kolket’s Razor and the Mutator Overdrive.

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Map Legend:

  • A – Kolket’s Razor location (in chest)
  • B – Jump puzzle (at the very bottom of the path)

To use Kolket’s Razor, you’ll need to reach the jump puzzle. To find the jump puzzle, head back to the start of the dungeon. You’ll need to take the side entrance that’s close to the end of the arrow puzzle you first completed when arriving at the Lament.

Getting to the jump puzzle is straightforward. From the second waypoint, head back to the Plinth puzzle. Just past the Plinth puzzle will be a door to the left that will lead you to the first floor. Follow this path down and you’ll eventually hit a golden-lit passage that will eventually lead you to the jump puzzle. Be aware of exploding enemies.

How to Solve the Jump Puzzle in the Lament in Remnant 2

Once you arrive at the jump puzzle, you may find yourself intimidated by the floating pillars and the clunky jump controls. But don’t worry, there’s no jumping involved. There’s an invisible path that stretches from the start of the jump puzzle to the very end.

You can shoot to expose the invisible bridge, or you can just look for this symbol.

The invisible path stretches between the floating stones that have this symbol. Follow the invisible path all the way down. But note, when trying to reach the platform where the door is, I’ve gotten bugs where I’m stuck half-falling where the bridge ends and the platform begins. To avoid this, roll onto the platform.

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Once you’re on the platform, you’ll find a door. Interact with it, and you can then inspect the Kolket’s Razor. Spin it around a few times and you’ll get a prompt to interact with it. Do so, and you’ll be able to transform Kolket’s Razor into a key. Use this key to open the door.

Completing this puzzle will get you the Relic Fragment Ranged Critical Damage and the Ring of Diversion, as well as a few resources.

The Lament is full of puzzles and challenges. For an in-depth guide for all of them, check out our article here: How to Complete the Lament Puzzles in Remnant 2.

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