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How to Defeat The Red Judge in Sheol (Final Boss, Stage 8) in Metal: Hellsinger

The Grand Finale is upon us!

Are you having trouble with the Final Boss in Metal: Hellsinger? Is the Red Judge from Sheol beating you and painting the walls with your blood? It’s time to put an end to this. Prima Games is here to deliver an in-depth guide about how to stop the Red Judge and beat her in a way that nobody has suffered defeat before. Take a deep breath and dive in.

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How to Beat the Final Boss in Sheol Hell in Metal: Hellsinger (Red Judge Final Fight on Stage 8)

The area in which this fight takes place is kinda narrow, but you will notice that you will be able to climb up the left side, which will be necessary during this encounter. We must admit that this boss fight took us less effort than the previous two, but we’ll take it seriously and dissect what the Red Judge has in store for the Unknown.

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From the very start, you will notice that some parts of the Red Judge are pulsing. At the start, this pulse will be seen in the stomach area. Of course, it’s best to focus on those areas so that you can deal any damage at all. Welcome to Phase One.

The first attack comes from her mouth and as she yells “Hell’s Fire!”, fireballs are going to start flying in your general direction. You can jump above them or dash under them and keep firing.

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The second attack comes from many directions:

  1. Fireballs from her mouth
  2. Lobbed fireballs that cause the AoE damage (fire circle bad, do not touch)
  3. Ground-level fireballs take time to wind up and they start moving in a straight line
  4. Slightly-above-your-head-level fireballs that take time to wind up and then start moving like the ones above
  5. Slam dunk with her left hand

After the slam dunk, she’ll say “Burn!” and spawn a HELL LOT of fireballs which will all start moving in the direction of your current position (they won’t follow you, so by moving backward and sideways you should be good to go). She then flies up. Don’t wait for a second and rush up the stairs to the top platform above the entrance to this arena to prepare for the next phase, because electricity is going to be brought down to the ground floor.

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Phase Two starts when Red Boss yells “The prophecy will die with you!” and you will see that her chest and hands will be glowing and lobbed fireballs are gonna start coming. Look out, Red Judge is going to make another slam dunk with her left hand and stay stuck for a short while. This opens her to close-range attacks on her hand or stomach. After she gets up, she will try to swipe the upper platform with her left hand. Be ready to jump! Red Judge will try another slam dunk (overhead smash) during which you’ll have a few seconds to attack her hand.

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Another Swipe is coming, followed by a fireball volley from her mouth. Lobbed fireballs are gonna start pouring in right afterward and then the Red Judge will have some rest on the platform, which is a great moment to start dealing a lot of close-range damage. When the Red Judge yells “Again… But I will resist you! I must,” start planning on getting down to the ground floor ASAP after the electricity is gone. Red Judge will summon three of her Aspects to fight for her, so get ready for a lot of sideways dodging. Do not worry, they are not as beefy as they were in previous Hells.

In Phase Three, the Red Judge’s eyes will glow. After you kill the last Aspect, she will start getting up slowly and you will be met by a circle of fireballs and dark red fireballs that cause the AoE fire circles on the ground, as well as the mouth blast of fireballs, her first and original attack.

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Then she will yell “Burn where you stand” and will launch those ground-level fireballs again, and wall herself off. Deal with the demons, slaughter them to get healed, and Red Judge will come back with “You think this is the end? No… It cannot be!”

Phase Four will push you back to the entrance gate to this stage as the Red Judge crawls towards you. Ground-level fireballs will come a few times, so just bring this home by focusing on her eyes until her health drops to zero. GG.

Enjoy the cutscene and the explanation of some lore that we won’t spoil here. Stick around for the secret ending cutscene!

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