How to Defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel in Remnant 2

A puzzle and a boss fight at the same time.

Remnant 2 Labyrinth Sentinel
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As you progress through Remnant 2, you’ll come across many bosses both big and small. Some of these bosses are relatively straightforward, being larger enemies with new movesets that you need to learn. Others can have some rather unique quirks to them, including not being a singular enemy. One such boss comes after you’ve cleared your first major zone, and is the major hurdle blocking you from unlocking the other regions. Here’s how to defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel in Remnant 2.

How to Kill the Labyrinth Sentinel in Remnant 2

Defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel is fairly straightforward once you know what you’re doing, though has some unique quirks to it. Cubes fly through the air and shuffle around the arena, with any cube stepping on you meaning game over. Along with being big, deadly stone cubes, each cube across the arena has smaller white cubes on specific sides. Shooting these white cubes is how you can deplete the Labyrinth Sentinel’s health.

As far as strategy goes, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, cubes will glow purple if they have a white square that still needs to be shot. Some of these can be at weird angles, so you may need to reposition to see the cube. Another thing of note is the small purple cubes that the bigger cubes in the sky will shoot at you (did I mention cubes?). These can actually be shot if you don’t want to execute 36 dodges just to avoid damage. On that note, you can also hide in the cracks of the bigger cubes to avoid being squashed instead of dodging. It isn’t something we suggest doing consistently but can matter in a pinch.

In terms of an optimal route, I shot all white cubes from the starting area that I could, especially since that first cube is very predictable with its movements. From there, I moved to the right and handled whichever I could from there. Finally, I moved all the way to the right and straight and handled the last few cubes that needed to be shot. This finished the boss battle, and with some proper learning of the cube’s movement patterns, should finish it for you too.

What Gear Should You Bring to Kill the Labyrinth Sentinel?

Shotguns and handguns are arguably a no-go here. They make the small cubes much more difficult to shoot, so anything with range should do nicely like snipers. You won’t need them to be leveled up too much since the white cubes don’t have much health but don’t forget to grab whatever ammo you can. Because of the nature of the boss fight, Gunslingers and Hunters will have the easiest time completing this encounter.

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