How to Solve the Lemark District Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

Time will tell if you get a good reward.

Remnant 2 Lemark District Clock Puzzle
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If you’re willing to go off the beaten path, Remnant 2 houses a lot of secrets both big and small. Some could be as simple as an extra fight, while others can house entirely new encounters with objectives, optional objectives, and plenty of loot. While exploring the region of Losomn, you may find your way to the Lemark District and find a timely puzzle hidden deep beneath one of the homes. Here’s how to solve the Lemark District clock puzzle in Remnant 2.

How to Complete the Clock Puzzle in Remnant 2

When you first make it down the stairs to the clock puzzle, you’ll find yourself in a room with a lot of clocks. Almost an obsessive amount, some would argue. Within those clocks is one particular clock you can interact with, which can have its big and small hands changed to a handful of options. While your first instinct may be to start trying the times on select clocks in the room, this isn’t the way to do this.

Remnant 2 Lemark District Clock Puzzle Answer
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Rather strangely, completing this puzzle involves heading back to the Morrow Parish. Once there, look for the big clock tower and jot down the positions of each of the hands. You can see it in the picture above if your sight of the tower’s clock is a bit rough. From there, head back to the clock puzzle in the Lemark District and put in the position of both hands from the tower. Inputting this will complete the puzzle, and you’ll snag your reward. While we’d come out and tell you the reward right now, the reward is random on every playthrough. Hope it’s good for your build!

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