How to Defeat the First Mini-Boss in Lies of P

Who made this policeman angry?

You will face the first mini-boss at the start of the game at Krat Central Station, where you will have to defeat it to get the key to the station’s main entrance. The first mini-boss will test the skills you have learned so far and have you use them against it. It can be difficult for players who are new to the Soulslike genre to defeat the first mini-boss, for which we have made a guide that will give you tips on how to beat it.

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Before we begin with the tips, make sure you unlock the door of the arena in front of you as you come down the stairs. It will make it easier to get to the mini-boss without going all the way around and fighting the puppets. You will see the mini-boss beating a dead body. Get close to the mini-boss, and it will turn its attention towards you.

Be Patient

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Lies of P is not your typical Hack and Slash game where you can keep pressing the attack button and get over with the fight in a few seconds. You need to be patient in this game and get used to the enemy’s attacks.

The same applies to this mini-boss fight. Take your time and get familiar with the mini-boss’s attack moves. You don’t need to be the first to go in for the attack. Wait for the boss to make its move, and then land your hit. If you dodge at the right moment, you will get enough time to land a single hit. If you get too greedy and go for more than one hit, the enemy will quickly recover and hit you with its attack. You will not be able to react quickly to it. Make sure to be patient and take it one step at a time.

Keep Track of Your Health Bar

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Any attack from the mini-boss is enough to take away a quarter of your health, which is why you need to make sure that you keep track of your health bar during the boss fight. However, if your health gets too low during the boss fight, you will need to make use of your Pulse Cells.

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Pulse Cells are the primary healing items in Lies of P, and you will get one at the start of the game. But you can only use it three times. When you spawn after dying from the mini-boss, you will recover all of your HP and Pulse Cells. As you go back to the mini-boss, make sure you avoid the Puppets on your way and don’t lose your health to them.

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Also, if you use up all three charges of your Pulse Cell, you can recover an extra charge during the boss fight if you deal enough damage. You will see the meter on the Pulse Cells fill up as you hit the enemy. Land enough hits, and you will be able to recover some of your health.

Use Dodge and Parry

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The most crucial skill in the game is to Dodge and Parry enemies’ attacks, that too at the right moment. When you get familiar with its attacks, try to time your parry to perform a Perfect Parry. If you get Perfect Parries in a row, it will break the mini-boss weapon, and its attacks will not deal too much damage to you.

Stagger the Mini-Boss

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When you perform Perfect Parry and land some hits, it will stagger the mini-boss. You will be able to tell if it is staggered by a white line on its health bar. If it does appear, you will have three to four seconds to land a charged attack or Fable Arts attack. If you manage to hit the boss with a charged or Fable Arts attack, you will get the option to perform a Fatal Attack.

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Fatal Attack is a finisher move in the game. If the enemy’s health is low, it can end the enemy with one fatal hit. You can tell the enemy is in a Fatal Attack position when it falls on one knee. When you get close to the boss after you knock it down, you will see three red lines appear on the marker. To execute a Fatal Attack, perform a normal attack on the enemy with the L2 or Left-Mouse Button. Only one Fatal Attack will be enough to beat the first mini-boss.

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Keeping these tips in mind will help you defeat the first Mini-boss in no time. After completing the mini-boss fight, you will get the keys to the Kart Central Station, along with the Workshop Union Lightweight Frame.

That is all for our How to Defeat the First Mini-Boss in Lies of P guide. You can check out more Lies of P guides like How Old is Pinocchio in Lies of P? – Answered or How to Beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P.

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