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How to Beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

Arresting the cop

The second big puppet (and third boss) you meet in Lies of P is the maniac Scrapped Watchman. This insanely powerful police chief is a nice step up from the previous challenges, and it’s your definitive wake-up call in this early portion of the game. Get your weapons ready and let’s bring this mad cop down once and for all. Here’s how to beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P.

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Before entering the fight, you will notice that there’s a glowing pedestal next to it. That’s a Crack’s Calling where you can use the Star Fragments you got from regular enemies to summon a Specter. The Specter acts as a summon and will help you in the following boss battle. He’s a huge help during these fights, so you should absolutely use it if you’re struggling here.

For equipment, I recommend fighting in the Slightly Heavyweight as it’s more than enough to guard/dodge against his hits and you can bring more equipment to deal with it. But if you want to get rid of some weight, The Puppet String Legion is basically useless in this fight, so you can swap back to the Left Arm of Steel.

You can find a chest holding the Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet on the left side of the room before the boss, which you should definitely bring as it increases damage against puppets. 

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman Amulet
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Equip the best Parts you could find up until here (such as the Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter found a few streets back before the Mad Donkey boss) to ramp up your defenses. Any weapon is fine for this fight, but I personally went with the Puppet’s Saber Blade +2 (enhanced at Eugenie back in the Hotel).

Scrapped Watchmen Boss Fight Guide

The Watchman behaves much like the Parade Master, but in a more obnoxious way. He usually spins his limbs before slamming them right at you, so you have some time to react to them. Perfect Guarding them is ideal as you can break the Watchman’s toughness quicker, but just focus on dodging if you don’t have enough Pulse Cells to make up for mistakes.

He has a three-hit swipe that ends up with an arm spin smash, and he usually starts with this attack. This is harder to react to, so keep your distance before he does it. He also has a sweep attack where he lifts his left arm, but this one is easier to block/dodge.

Your main strategy is to capitalize on his spinning arm attacks as these are the most predictable of them all. Play around these and Perfect Guarding them is the easiest way you can deal with the first half of his HP. Use your Fable Arts whenever you see the opening for them (usually right after the spinning hits).

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman Grab
Screenshot by Prima Games

Be careful with his grab attack. While it’s rare compared to his other moves, it can be devastating and will certainly kill you if you’re at less than half your maximum health.

If you’re using the Specter, the Watchman might focus it instead and you’re free to hit him as hard as you can. Use Charged Attacks once you see him glowing white to break its toughness and unleash a Fury Attack in front of him. Be quick or you’ll lose this chance!

Once he reaches 50%, he goes full Static mode and starts dishing out electricity in some attacks. In addition to his previous moves, he can now unleash electrical waves through the arena. You get the Electric Shock debuff if you stay on it for too long, which reduces your Fable Arts recovery rate and increases damage taken. You can remove it by using a Purification Ampoule.

His most dangerous attack now might be the random electrical waves he discharges around him after receiving some hits. His regular attacks won’t fill the Electric Shock gauge, but standing on electrical pools and receiving his spinning attack head-on will. You wanna avoid that at all costs, but you can’t give up on hitting him.

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman Spinning
Screenshot by Prima Games

Remember that you can Perfect Guard his Fury Attack (when he starts glowing red), but you can only dodge them if you’re sure to get away from where he’s hitting. Timing a dodge at the right time will still get you hurt, so it’s time to learn how to parry if you haven’t already.

Scrapped Watchman Rewards

Your main rewards for the battle are a Quartz, the Broken Hero’s Ergo, and the Core, which allows you to use the P-Organ. Go back to Hotel Krat to proceed with the storyline and activate said feature.

You can also collect the Faded Whistle next to the spawning Stargazer, which you can use for another sidequest.

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